10 Easy Swaps for Earth Month

When I was a child and living at home, I’d see my mom save glass jars from food she brought back from the market. I didn’t really understand the need to save those glass jars but soon I’d see those cleaned out jars hold other unique stuff. She made pickled vegetables and stored them in the jars or turned them into drinking glasses or flower vases. I realized that there was an abundant uses for glass jars and that there are numerous ways to reuse something you already have.

Reducing or eliminating the need to buy something out of convenience is the best way in reducing waste and helping our planet. If we all do just one small act to help the environment, we are already going on a better path to cleaner air and less waste in our landfills.

Below I’ve listed 10 easy ways to make small changes to help the planet. Whether you believe in climate change or not, we can all agree that we want to live on a cleaner planet.


1- Swap out single-use plastic bottles for reusable water bottles. Buying a reusable water bottle saves you money on buying single-use plastic water bottles. Plus you are eliminating unnecessary plastics in landfills.

2. Swap out single-use plastic sandwich bags for silicone or paper sandwich bags. These handy reusable bags last for many years and are compostable.

3. Swap out grocery store bags with reusable bags. Store grocery bags are usually made from a material that is not recyclable. It’s best to invest in a better quality reusable grocery bag or tote.

4. Swap out store-bought herbs and plant your own herb garden. Planting your own garden helps you have fresh herbs on hand and it reduces your carbon footprint by buying in stores.

5. Swap out polyester materials with eco-friendly materials. Materials made from organic cotton, repurposed cotton, and TENCEL are great alternatives, plus they wear well!

6. Swap out driving a short distance to get groceries to walking to the stores. If you’re within walking distance to a store, then try walking there to reduce carbon dioxide made by cars.

7. Swap out packaged produce to picking your own produce at a farmer’s market or a free-standing produce rack. The plastic packaging wrapped around produce is truly unnecessary.

8. Swap out plastic utensils and use reusable stainless steel or bamboo utensils. Just say “NO” when you’re offered plastic utensils. It’s easy to bring your own or use your own utensils.

9. Swap out new books with used books. Yes, that new book smell is quite delightful! But gently used books keep the circular recycling effective.

10. Swap out the need to recycle by reducing and reusing. Follow the 5 “R’s” and you’re on the path to reduce plastic use! Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Repurpose, Recycle.

We can all do our part to make our planet healthier and cleaner. We all wish to breathe cleaner air and let nature reset itself so that our planet can stay healthy for many generations. Try doing at least one of these swaps and you’ll soon see a difference.

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