Get Ready for Earth Month! – Giveaways and Actions

It’s been over 50 years since the first Earth Day movement began. April 22 marks the official Earth Day, but people around the world are starting early in the month of April, and so can you.

What’s so special about Earth Day and Earth Month? It is an especially important movement where we must do all that we can to protect and preserve our precious planet. Think of Earth as your body. You do what you can to protect your body and your health. The same should be for our planet.

Whether you believe in science or just figuring things out yourself, it’s pretty evident with the drastic climate changes happening throughout the years. We live in the world of convenience and the need to have things conveniently at our fingertips threaten the future of a healthy environment.

But how do we help the planet? First, by acknowledging that we all live on Earth and it’s not a “someone else can save the environment”. Yes, other people certainly can, but if you do just one small step to help the environment, what harm can that cause you?

During Earth Month, please join me with activities that we can do to better understand the environment crisis. I’ll also showcase brands and companies that are doing good for the environment and offer some great giveaways! Today, let’s start with how you can learn more about earth-friendly activities.


  • Join or host a local cleanup. This is one of the easiest way to help the environment and your community. You can do it by yourself or with some friends. Make sure you do it safely by wearing personal protection equipment such as gloves and masks. Visit for cleanup activities in your area:

  • Plant an edible garden. Being in nature connects us to a feeling of serenity and peace. When you give your children their own little spot in the yard to grow some food, you’re giving them lifelong skills. Try planting carrots, strawberries, herbs, and anything that are in season. Try to buy organic or Non-GMO seeds/plants when possible.

  • Plant a pollinator garden. Pollinators such as bees and butterflies help pollinate our food. More than 35% of our food are provided by bees. And flowering plants are a delightful treat for bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds.

  • Show your love and support for our planet by coloring in the Earth template below. Place your colored Earth on your windows and show the world how much you care about our planet.

  • Donate to charity. Gather your kids and decide on what you want to donate.  Donating your gently used items such as clothing and toys help keep the circular recycling going. You can donate either to a local donation center, church, or a school clothing program.

  • Nature walk. If you’re fortunate to live near forests and parks, then take your kids out on a nature walk. Appreciate the natural air, the voluminous trees, and the beautiful plants around you.

Follow me along this Earth Month journey this year! My next post will be a fabulous eco-friendly gift prize! Be sure to subscribe and stay tuned!

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