10 Ways Kids Can Rock It Healthy – Week 5


In week 5 of our Kids Can Rock It Healthy journal, I’d like to talk about Halloween. If you’ve read any of my articles throughout the years you’d probably guess that Halloween is my favorite holiday or occasion. I’ve loved it since I was a child and that love transferred to my son. Halloween can be a crazy time of year, from decorations to costumes to parties, but if we keep in mind that it also greatly affects our health and the environment, then we can make changes for the better.

There are many wonderful things about celebrating Halloween but also a lot of scary things. Amidst the fun and delightful costumes and the spooky decorations, one of the biggest drawback is of course, the candy. Kids can’t resist them, heck adults can’t either but as parents, we have to be extra diligent during Halloween. Sweets during Halloween come in many different forms but a big concern is GMO ingredients found in these sweets. When buying conventional candy, they’re likely to contain genetically modified ingredients only because they’re usually mass produced from big companies. There are of course health conscious candy companies who realize this concern and make their sweets without genetically modified ingredients. Below, I’ve outlined the top common GMO ingredients found in candy. Always read the labels of food you buy and be diligent about what we put into our children’s bodies.

Happy Halloween!


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