What If The World Went Vegetarian?

What if every single person on this planet became vegetarian? Would the world be a better place? That is one question I often wonder as I’ve noticed vegetarians and vegans tend to lean towards more compassion and acceptance, because if you break it all down it really means that you are showing compassion to all living beings.

For me, it all started with a dog catcher many years ago who was cruelly trying to capture an adorable stray dog near my parents house. I was around eight or nine years old and still a bit naive about how the world works. After saving the dog from imminent danger from which my mind had surely conjured up, something changed within me and from that day forward I decided I could no longer eat meat.

People used to ask me why I became a vegetarian at such a young age. They thought it was a phase I was going through; a young child’s mind trying out something new. But deep down, deep down I knew it wasn’t the right thing to do, to eat an animal who had a life only to unwillingly give it up to be on someone’s plate.

As I was sifting through my emails recently I came across something that caught my eye. And in honor of Earth Month and Earth Day on April 22, I thought it would be nice to share this very interesting and informative video on being a vegetarian and what it takes to eat meat. Hope you enjoy watching it and learn something new as I surely did.




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