Fresh Beat Band of Spies – New Nickelodeon Animated Series


The Fresh Beat Band has done it again! This time, the rambunctious group of friends have decided to animate themselves in an all-new television series on Nickelodeon Jr. called Fresh Beat Band of Spies ( After 60 episodes of their real life counterparts on TV, The Fresh Beat Band has reinvented themselves to appear as cartoon characters who solve crimes as they go about their day. As before, the four friends sing, dance, and have fun throughout the episode as they help solve crimes “Fresh Beat style” with their clever dialogue and ingenious characterization. I personally like the animated version of The Fresh Beat Band as animation brings forth unique elements that are hard to replicate in real life acting. The colors are vibrant and there seems to be more action involved. But of course, the real test came to my son and what he thought of the new animated Fresh Beat Band.

When I showed my son, who’s now 7 years old, the cartoon version of one of his favorite shows on TV, he was actually pretty excited to watch it. The premiere episode called, The Wow Factor, starts off immediately with singing and dancing from Shout as he leads the rest of the cast to be part of a TV show called The Wow Factor. Something strange and unusual happens at The Wow Factor and it’s up to Kiki, Marina, Twist, and Shout to find out what all the shenanigans are about. From the words of Thomas Hobson – aka Shout -, he described Fresh Beat Band of Spies as  Scooby Doo meets Charlie’s Angels, with all of the music, both old and new, that you’ve come to expect from the Fresh Beat Band. There will also be guest appearances and Tom Kenny (the beloved voice actor of SpongeBob Squarepants) is also joining the cast as their sidekick monkey, Bo.

Now I’ve heard a few naysayers comment that they prefer the live versions of The Fresh Beat Band, but hey, like with most TV shows, sometimes they have to be reinvented to keep things fresh for the newer audience. But while the animated version seems to be aimed for newer viewers, they still used the original actors’ voices and there are still the usual singing and dancing. The acting is still fun to watch and the four friends are still intelligent and wise. It’s just with any type of TV shows, something new must happen to keep the storylines fresh and lively.

In this premiere episode, you actually get quite a lot and their pet monkey, Bo, is adorable and funny. In The Wow Factor, the four friends dance and sing to help with the plot and the songs lead in nicely to what happens next. The only thing different was Marina’s hair color, as it’s more of a strawberry blonde rather than her reddish-blonde hair that we were so used to in their live action show. But hey, she looks great no matter what! And as with their previous show, everything gets wrapped up in the end of the episode so the friends can move on to another fun-filled and educational mystery. I’d say the animated show is geared towards kids 5 years old and up. But there’s nothing scary or indecent in this episode so watch it with your kids and I’m sure you’ll enjoy it as well!

The wonderful folks at Nickelodeon Jr. and Fresh Beat Band had kindly offered us a sneak peak at the premiere episode, The Wow Factor here:

The show premieres on June 15th at 7 pm/6 central time on NickJr so be sure to tune in and watch this funny, intelligent, and thoughtful new animated series, Fresh Beat Band of Spies!

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Here’s a link to the full episode now online!

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