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One of the greatest things you can ever do as a writer is to write an engaging story. One of the greatest things as a reader and book lover is to find a book so captivating and enthralling that you just have to finish reading it even if it’s 3 AM in the morning. I love a good book that can take me to another place and time. Books can be a great escape and if they are well written you can easily be drawn into the writer’s world, whether you cheer for the heroine or scoff at the hero. In the case of Destined for Doon, written by Carey Corp and Lorie Langdon, I was easily transported into the world of Doon, a mythical world set somewhere in Scotland. In Doon, time shifts differently than the modern world and you feel as if you’re instantly part of this mystical and magical land where faeries exist, witches run rampant, and love is as complicated as the handsome and brooding hero.

I received an ARC of Destined for Doon and although the book was the second installment of the Doon series, I didn’t feel as if I was left out in the cold – so to speak – wondering if missing the first book would leave me confused. Although references were made from the first book, they didn’t distract me so much that I felt the need to read the first of the series just to understand them. Destined for Doon had enough twists and surprises along the way that it kept me well interested and engaged. I’ve always been a sucker for romance stories where the hero and heroine go through leaps and bounds just to be together in the end. After all, if love stories were so easy to read, then they wouldn’t be so entertaining.

But Destined for Doon isn’t just a love story between the hero and his heroine. The heroine in this case, MacKenna Reid – or Kenna to her friends – put aside her own inhibitions to return to the land of Doon with her ex-love to help out her best and longtime friend, Vee. After having a long and arduous escapade in Doon with her friends, Kenna vowed to leave her old life behind and start a new one in Chicago as an aspiring singer and actress. However, life on stage hasn’t always been as she imagined and when her old flame, the prince of Doon returns unexpectedly to retrieve her, Kenna hesitantly went back with Prince Duncan to help out the Queen of Doon, who just happens to be her best friend, Veronica (Vee). Putting aside their differences and pushing the flame that still burned between them, Kenna and Duncan help each other find the danger that has threatened Doon and everyone living there.

Destined for Doon was an easy read where pacing was steady and there were enough intrigue and excitement till the very end. And let me just say that the ending left me with a “what the…” feeling. It was definitely unexpected since the evil had finally been defeated and you’re led to believe that the friends were going to live happily ever after. Well, there were some happiness but also an impending doom for other characters. Hopefully the third book of the series will come out soon because there’s no way I was happy with the ending in Destined for Doon.

I’d say Destined for Doon is a good read for ages 16 and up. Because it’s labeled as a “Christian” reading, there are no foul languages, no gratuitous sex, and hidden meanings are there to tell the readers that it’s better to be good than evil. But the ending though…makes you kind of wonder if evil had triumphed after all.

You can purchase Destined for Doon on Zondervan’s website: or on Amazon and is available in hardcover, paperback, and Kindle edition.


Zondervan’s summary of Destined for Doon:

In this sequel to Doon, Mackenna Reid realizes she made a horrible mistake – choosing to follow her dreams of Broadway instead of staying in the enchanted land of Doon. To make everything worse, she’s received her Calling – proof she and Duncan are each other’s one true love – and it’s pure torment, especially when visions of the very alluring Scottish prince appear right before she goes on stage. So when Duncan tells her an ancient curse threatens to overtake Doon and the new queen needs her to return, Kenna doesn’t have to think twice. With darkness closing in on all sides, Kenna and Vee must battle a world of nightmares in order to protect the kingdom. But it will take the ultimate test of courage for Kenna to salvage her happily ever after.


Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book free from the publisher through the BookLook Bloggers book review bloggers program. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255.

Editor’s Disclosure: I received an Advanced Reader’s Copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. The opinions made on this book are entirely my own and has not been influenced in any way. I have not received monetary compensation for reviewing this book other than receiving a copy of it. I may reveal spoilers from time to time but I will always preface it so you can skip that part or read them for the sheer fun of it.


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