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Someone once asked, “is it necessary to eat vitamins every day?” Well, that all depends on why you take certain vitamins and supplements. With controversy on whether taking vitamins and supplements really help the body or not, health experts still agree that certain degrees of vitamins and supplements does actually enhance the body’s natural balance. Look at it this way – there’s no possible way in this day and age to eat a complete balanced diet on a daily basis. I know for me it  can be hard to do since I’m a vegetarian, and that’s why I supplement with vitamins and other important minerals. When asked my son’s pediatrician on the topic he agreed that a multivitamin for children can’t hurt as long as they are not solely relying on vitamins to nourish their bodies and minds.

However, buying the right brand is essentially crucial to the quality of vitamins you get. As an avid label reader and researcher, it’s very important to me that labeling is clear and concise without any hidden agendas behind them. After all, these vitamins are just as important as the food you intake if not more so. When it comes to buying vitamins and supplements for me and my family I have to make sure to get the highest quality and from a reputable company. One company who has been in the vitamin and supplements industry for almost 30 years is Nordic Naturals ( Known for their extensive knowledge of Omega Fatty Acids, Nordic Naturals sells vitamins and supplements that nourish the important functions in your brain and body. They are recognized worldwide and can be found in natural product stores as well as mainstream supermarkets.


Nordic Naturals derived from Norway, shared a value of bringing the highest quality of fish oils to their consumers for the purpose of providing excellent supplements for anyone of any age. They have vitamins ranging from adult Omegas 3,6,9 to products specifically for the heart, eyes, and brain, as well as Omega supplements for children. Recently included in their newest lineup of products is the much needed Vitamin C which comes in a soft gummy form – perfect for kids and adults who hate taking anything in pill form. The Vitamin C gummies is actually pretty tasty and easy to chew and I think it’s great for kids as the vitamin is shaped like a cute little orange slice which makes it  incredibly fun for them to eat. And since they pack 250 mg of Vitamin C per serving (which is 2 gummies), that’s a lot more of vitamin C you may get on a normal basis if you were to eat just fruits and vegetables alone. As with most people and especially children, we don’t get quite enough of the essential vitamin C that we’re supposed to so supplementing with a vitamin is a good way of getting enough of what we need.

Nordic Naturals Vitamin C offers an essential nutrient that kids need for growth and development. In addition to supporting many of the body’s physiological functions, vitamin C helps optimize immunity and provides antioxidant protection. And as with all products made by Nordic Naturals, there are no artificial coloring, flavoring, or preservatives. No animal byproducts are used so it’s suitable for vegetarians as well. And really, with the sweet tangy taste and the adorable shape, how you can go wrong with offering this to your kids as well as to yourself?


The wonderful folks at Nordic Naturals provided me with a couple bottles of their newest Vitamin C Gummies and my son, husband, and I all enjoy taking it every day. Because they are in a sweet gummy form, there are no fights about taking vitamins or debates about why vitamin C is so important. In fact, my son even reminds me everyday to take them. I’m so glad that Nordic Naturals came out with a gummy form of vitamin C that is suitable for practically anyone of any age. And if giving your kids vitamins is like starting World War 3, then give Nordic Naturals a try. Ranging from their gummies to their liquids, you’ll definitely find something for everyone.

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