Memoirs of a Kindergartner – Ladybug, Ladybug

The weather is hot, really hot here where I live. It’s so hot that my school won’t let us go outside because we might melt. So instead, on our weekly Nature Class, the nature lady came and taught us all about ladybugs and the things they do. It was pretty cool but also kind of scary as we saw one of the pet spiders eat a ladybug. The spider caught the ladybug in its web, rolled it up and then kept it there in her web. My teacher told me that spiders eat ladybugs and that’s what they do. They keep their food rolled up in the web until they are ready to eat them.

As a cool project, we got to take home a ladybug of our own. My teacher put my ladybug inside two plastic cups, put some holes on the top and then taped it up. My ladybug is really great and he does tricks like staying still – that’s one trick he’s mastered. My mom told me that we will have to set the ladybug free though because it won’t last long inside his plastic home. She said that we will place our ladybug in our garden and hopefully it will stay there long enough to do what it’s supposed to do. Ladybugs keep the garden clean by eating other bad bugs. It’s a natural way of keeping your flowers and plants free from the bad bugs. But we only have one ladybug so he’s got a lot of work to do! Anyway, my mom gives my ladybug water and some fresh leaves that we plucked from the garden. My ladybug immediately went to the new leaves and even sat a long time on the water drop drinking the water. I think he was thirsty and hungry. I don’t want to set my ladybug free because he’s cool but I know that I will have to in order for him to be free and live longer.

Below is a picture of my ladybug.


Sadly the next day my ladybug passed away. I guess we didn’t let him outside fast enough and then he just stopped moving. When I got back from school, he wasn’t moving in his home and then that’s when I knew that was it. My poor ladybug. We buried him outside and I put a tombstone on his grave. My mom said that when you bury ladybugs they become part of the the Earth and they continue to do good things for the plants.

Long Live My Ladybug!

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