Imagination Movers – You Rock!: A concert review

I absolutely love the Imagination Movers – well, okay, maybe my son loves them a bit more. But with the both of us combined, our admiration for the Imagination Movers can fill up an entire auditorium, and in this case, the Nokia Center. If you have kids that are between the ages of 1-100, then you’ve probabaly heard of the Imagination Movers. They weren’t always big time performers, but ever since they signed a contract with Disney to have their own show, kids and adults can enjoy the lively bunch of quartet friends virtually anywhere.

Imagination Movers orginated in Louisiana and still resides there although sometimes I’ve seen photos of them in Los Angeles, San Diego, and many other places. They are after all, just regular guys who likes to do regular things and have fun. But their biggest joy of all, besides their kids (I presume), is writing music and performing. And you can definitely tell that they enjoy being the Imagination Movers through their live concert performances and on television. And we love the Imagination Movers because they are a bunch of entertaining, down-to-earth guys who truly love what they do.

The Imagination Movers consists of Rich Collins (aka Mover Rich), Scott Durbin (aka Mover Scott), Dave Poche (aka Mover Dave) and Scott “Smitty” Smith (aka Mover Smitty). On their Disney Show also with the same name, they are joined on a regular basis by Nina and Warehouse Mouse. I think their Disney show is fun even without any guests or special guests, but it does add a bit of punch to their already intoxicating repertoire of gigles and silliness. But don’t think that their show is just for frivolous entertainment. No, their show emphasizes the importance of eating healthy, living a healthy lifestyle, and preserving the planet. And in their Warehouse on the show, through their brainstorming, they dream up the best solutions to everyday problems that we may all encounter. And towards the end of the show, somehow, with the help of Nina and Warehouse Mouse, their problems don’t seem so problematic after all.

We were able to see the Imagination Movers in concert for the first time, feeling that our son was old enough to sit through a concert without getting bored. After all, we were going to see his favorite people performing LIVE! He had talked about the concert nonstop ever since we had told him we were taking him to see the Movers and then he was doubly overjoyed when he found out that Warehouse Mouse was going to be at the concert too. Warehouse Mouse is the Warehouse’s mascot, so to speak, Mover Smitty’s best pal, and their often mischievous and clever little fuzzy friend. Ofcourse he’s not a real mouse on the show, but a puppet voiced by an extremely talented actor. At the concert, Warehouse Mouse appeared larger than life and entertained us with his usual crazy love of cheese. Nina, their neighbor (who at one time had an Uncle Knit Knots with her), enchanted everyone as usual with her grace, beauty, and her mesmerizing dance moves. And personally, I think she’s much prettier in person than on TV. Other guests that appeared at the concert were Eddie the Monster (my favorite monster) and Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, which I’m guessing weren’t really “surprise” guests. I can safely assume that at different venues of their concert, they all had a “surprise” guest.

Their concert at the Nokia Center opened up with Choo Choo Soul, another Disney concoction, whom I have to say, are much better live than in a video on the Disney channel. It was definitely a brilliant decision to include a female singer who actually sings well in person and a D.J. who can rap, breakdance, pop, lock, and sing as well. But the best part of the entire concert is watching the Movers, Nina, and Choo Choo Soul come down to the audience and interact with them. My son desperately wanted to go up to the Movers and hug them, but he was only able to give Mover Dave and Mover Scott a high-five as everyone crowded around us wanting to touch, hug, and give high-fives. I was actually lucky enough and giddy to have been able to shake Mover Scott’s hand. My son wanted to hug Warehouse Mouse too, but the Mouse was too busy backstage devouring his cheese.

Overall I have to say the Imagination Movers concert was the best concert I’ve ever attended. Even my husband (who’s not as inclined to watch Disney shows as I am) enjoyed it and even commented on attending another “Disney show”. Go figure. And the most heartwarming thing was that our son who was so tired from not sleeping well in anticipation of the concert, troopered up and jumped and sang throughout the entire concert. The three of us had a fantastic time and we didn’t need a “brainstorm” to tell us what a success the concert was.

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  1. I really would love to meet the Imagination Movers in person and I am very hyper about meeting my dream husband Mover Scott because I have a huge major crush on him. Tell Mover Scott that I am looking foward to meet him in person as well and also tell Mover Scott that I am so in love with him

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