Recipe section using organic ingredients

I’m not an excellent cook, but I think I’m pretty skilled enough to throw together a few ingredients and make a good tasting dish. Or at least that’s what I hope my family and friends think!

More than lately, people are starting to realize the importance of buying and consuming organic food due to their extraordinary health benefits and for the sustainability of the planet. From eating as much organic food as possible at an early age, I’ve actually come to understand that most organic food actually does taste better and there are scientific research proving that certain organically-grown produce are tastier and more nutritious. Ofcourse proof is in the pudding, so to speak, and the more you eat organic produce, the more you can find out the difference for yourself.

I wanted to share some of my recipes using organic produce and ingredients (or at best, locally-grown produce). Make sure to ask the producers of locally-grown produce whether they are organic or pesticide-free. Pesticide-free guarantees no toxic pesticides or herbicides are used however, it doesn’t guarentee that the soil is toxic free. Organic produce are certified organic by the USDA and farmers and companies go through a rigorous certification process to ensure their products are completely and ethically grown under organic standards.

I hope you truly enjoy these recipes and feedback is always welcomed. Most of the recipes are my own, but some may come from family and friends or resources which I hope all will be informative and delicious! If you have any suggestions on organic produce or ingredients you’d like to try, please let me know.

Enjoy and good health!

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2 thoughts on “Recipe section using organic ingredients

  1. Love your blog, Susan. What a great idea. Being a good parent takes us into so many varied realms of concern, so much unfolding. And I will always look forward to anything about food and nutrition as time goes on. Congratulations on a terrific blogging site.

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