Lundberg Farms – Products worth reviewing

My family and I are big rice eaters and when I need more selections of rice products than just your basic steamed rice, I turn to Lundberg Farms. There are few food product companies out there that promises to maintain their high-quality, eco-friendly way of business all the while keeping it in the family for continuous generations.

The vision of Lundberg Farms began in 1937 when the humble family moved to Northern California to establish their passion for farming rice. They soon led the way to become one of the largest organic rice producers of the world. They also developed Eco-farmed rice which is a special integrated rice growing system that is an improvement from many conventional rice growing techniques of today. It is a bit different from their organically-farmed rice but it does not stray from their respect to the land, farmers, and the planet.

All of Lundberg Farms rice products are not genetically modified which is an important aspect due to scientific studies regarding GMO products and its health dangers.  And since their farms are managed by the family, each member involved takes great pride in every factor of the company. Their company policy is as follows:

Soil Fertility – the lifespan of soil is very crucial to their farms. They implement practices that allow their soil to thrive every year which includes rotating cover crops, periodically leaving fields fallow, and encouraging water fowl to rest on their fields to help break down the rice stubble and provide needed fertility to their fields.

Egg Salvage and Wildlife Habitat – their fields of lush and healthy rice grains naturally attract birds. Lundberg Farms views wildlife as a natural occurance in their fields and ensures that the eggs left by such birds are not damaged and donates them to volunteer organizations who help hatch the birds and return them back to wildlife.

Planting – every April and May they plant their rice in dry lands so as not to damage their soil when wet.

Water Management – water is essential to any farm. For the past few years, Lundberg Farms has significantly lowered their water usage by measuring water levels with stakes and closely monitoring them. They curtail irrigation early in season allowing fields to dry often without releasing any water.

Weed Control – Lundberg Farms does not use any chemical pesticides or herbicides on their organic rice. Instead, they implement unique techniques developed by the company years ago. With their Eco-farmed rice, they do their best not to use any herbicides and only in extreme situations.

Pest Control – pest management is crucial on Lundberg Farms and they try to use natural methods of controlling pests including wildlife, dry planting, and planting certain varieties of rice that are somewhat resistant to pests.

Harvesting –  Lundberg Farms recruits members of the family during harvesting time to ensure rice is at its optimal maturity. The majority of rice sold by the company are brown rice to retain its purest form and to prevent polishing rice to its white color.

Saw Incorporation – At Lundberg Farms, the company does not burn their rice after harvesting. Instead, they use techniques to incorporate leftover rice straw and stubble back into the field.

Drying, Storing, Milling and Packing – important aspects of rice farming, the company does not use any chemical controls on their rice stored at their farms. Packaging and energy used on the farm are consistantly in respect to the environment.

Research and Innovation – Lundberg Farms is a full-fledged facility. They manage everything from their soil development to rice planting to harvesting to packaging and onoing research in developing new environmentally-friendly farming practices and rice varieties.

Lundberg Farms was kind enough to send me a couple free product coupons so I decided to try their Sesame Seaweed Rice Chips. Since we regularly enjoy their Seaweed Rice Cakes, I had a feeling that the Sesame Seaweed Rice Chips would taste just as fantastic. And I was right! The Sesame Seaweed Rice Chips had an intense amount of flavor and it had such a nice crispy texture. Rice chips taste very differently than potatoe chips and can be compared in texture to corn chips. But rice chips definitely has the distinct flavor of rice to it.  The chips aren’t very salty at all and the flavor of seaweed is mild but distinctive. Their rice chips come in the following flavors – Sesame Seaweed, Fiesta Lime, Santa Fe Barbeque, Original Sea Salt, Honey Dijon, Wasabi, and Pico de Gallo.

Regardless of whether you try their rice chips, rice cakes, risotto, brown rice syrup, or their brown rice, you’ll definitely find a great assortment of rice products to suit your everyday needs. Lundberg Farms products are wholesome, natural, contains no preservatives, and full of flavor so any product is well worth taking a trip to the grocery store to purchase. So not only are you supporting a family-owned company, but you are helping a company take major strides in helping to improve the environment while maintaining sterwardship of a healthy planet for all of us.

For more information about Lundberg Farms, please visit their website:  They also offer coupons on their site periodically.

Disclaimer: The product(s)were sent to the author for review by the manufacturer/PR. All reviews on “Happymomblogger” remain unbiased and unpaid and are the sole decision of the author. The opinions of these product(s) were not influenced in any way, shape, or form. As always, please read the labels carefully before trying new products.

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