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When I think of the name Earthbound Farm, it conjures up images of lush green fields and tall, elegant apple trees shading nearby farmhouses. It makes me want to kick off my shoes, sit on the porch at the farmhouse and sip ice-cold lemonade. Well, it seems that their company name actually does live up to it’s portrayal of a sprawling farm with an extensive selection of organic vegetable fields and fruit orchards. They even have a farm stand open to the public where fresh fare is prepared on the premises and opened 7 days a week.

I love organic produce (as you can probably tell by my other posts) and the fresher they are, the more nutritious and delicious they are. Earthbound Farm is the largest grower of organic produce in the United States and the largest producer of organic salad greens. You can’t get any fresher produce than Earthbound Farm outside of growing your own fruits and vegetables. And because they are certified organic and carries the USDA Organic label, you know that you can trust their produce to be of the finest quality, unsurpassed by any other organic farms in the nation.

Earthbound Farm has a charming background. It all started with a young couple migrating from Manhattan who fell in love with the beauty and the splendor of a small, quiet town in Carmel, California. Their modest beginnings with a tiny farm of just 2.5 acres growing organic produce later became the nations largest organic produce growers with over 35,000 acres. And their dedication in providing the public as well as their family and staff  with healthy, non-toxic produce remains steadfast.  Their promise to themselves and to their consumers is straightforward – avoid the use of toxic fertilizers and pesticides; does not use genetically modified organisms (GMO’s); avoid the use of petroleum-based pesticides; fight global warming by absorbing carbon dioxide; provide constant food safety standards; uses only post-consumer recycled plastic for their salad packages; shipping cartons are made from 99% post-consumer corrugate; uses biodiesel in their farming equipment; uses 100% post-consumer recycled office paper for all their copiers, printers, and plain-paper; planted trees with American Forests every year to offset greenhouse gas emissions from their energy use and many other assurances to guarantee the safety and integrity of the planet and its inhabitants. With these strict guidelines set in stone, Earthbound Farm remain unwavering in their excellent production of organic produce.                                                                                      

The company who started out small believes in giving back big. They believe that being a “catalyst for positive change” is the best way to promote a positive and healthier future for everyone. Earthbound Farm believes in helping their communities by supporting organizations that support healthy lifestyles; organizations that work toward a clean and healthy planet; award academic scholarships to local high school students who will pursue an education in environmental stewardship; and donates to charities nominated by their employees, and award academic scholarships each year to college-bound children of their employees.

As an avid organic produce consumer, I was given some free product coupons to try so I decided to try their dried fruit. I’ve already tried most of their packaged salad greens so I wanted to try something totally different – and I love dried fruit because it’s a great way to get some natural vitamins and fiber in your body with the convenience of eating it whenever you want to. Their dried fruit products include dried mangos, cranberries, plums, dates, and raisins.  All of their dried fruit are ripened on their vines or trees to their maximum ripeness to allow an abundance of natural sweetness and 100% organically grown. There are no preservatives used and the flavors and textures are exactly what dried fruit should be – sweet and tangy and just the right amount of “chewiness”. They come in convenient ready to go packages and they can be used in almost any recipe. I thoroughly enjoyed their organic dried fruit and plan on using some of them for baking in the future!

So why would you buy packaged produce? Well, because they are more convenient and easy to carry around or even placed in your picnic basket or lunch bag. They stay fresher longer than just placing your produce in the fridge. They’re more sanitary (you don’t have to worry about a million hands touching the produce on the shelf at your local market). And organic produce are usually packaged in environmentally-friendly plastic rather than the store-provided plastic bags available in the produce section.

So the next time you’re at your local supermarket or natural food store, pick up a bag of Earthbound Farm’s fresh produce. With an abundant selection of high-quality fruit, vegetables, and salads to choose from, you’ll always end up with the right choice. Earthbound Farm products can be found at most major supermarkets and natural food markets. For more information about Earthbound Farm, please visit their website: You can also order certain products online.


Disclaimer: The product(s)were sent to the author for review by the manufacturer/PR. All reviews on “Happymomblogger” remain unbiased and unpaid and are the sole decision of the author. The opinions of these product(s) were not influenced in any way, shape, or form. As always, please  read the labels carefully before trying any new products.

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