Earth Month – It’s Easy Being Green

April 22, 2022 marks the 52 year anniversary of Earth Day. What started as a grassroot agenda to educate the world on the importance of preserving our planet, it is now a widespread event celebrated and honored throughout the world. Schools, businesses, and people all over the world come together to honor Mother Nature by leading, guiding, and performing kind acts toward the planet.

Each year I discover something new about our environment and the detrimental effects caused by humans. It oddly feels like we’re taking one step forward, two steps back. Just as we’re on the move to educate each other on the importance of cleaning up our planet, there is always some sort of setback. When will we open our eyes? When will we all realize that this planet is the only one we currently live on?

My favorite motto for people who want to do better for the environment and a more realistic goal is simply, “make just one small change. One positive change can lead to many more positive changes.” You don’t have to be a world leader on environmental issues. You don’t have to clean up the beaches and oceans by yourself. But you can take a small step to recognize that our planet needs help. You might ask yourself – what can one person do when this world is so massive? If we all believe we can’t do anything, then nothing will ever get accomplished.

My best advice is to start at home. Get your children involved. Most young children love to help clean up and learn about how to conserve energy and not be wasteful. But we must set good examples for our children so that they can grow up to inspire and lead others.

Here I’ve listed 5 super simple steps you can do RIGHT NOW. These are all basic steps that work for anyone of any age and gender. Try all of them or even just a couple. Remember – it takes just one small positive change.


1- Start by assessing what you have in your house. Is your home filled mostly with single-use plastics such as takeout cartons, snack bags, and plastic water bottles? You can make small positive changes by not using single-use plastic water bottles or reduce the usage and refill a reusable water container for home, work, and school. Reducing your snacks such as potato chips and cookies is not only beneficial to the landfill, but to your health as well. As for take-outs, we all enjoy them now and then but it can be costly to our finances and health.

2- Start growing a small garden. You don’t need a huge yard to grow an edible garden. Many vegetables grow well in planters and pots. All of these can be grown from seeds and harvested within 6 weeks. Easy to grow plants that produce the fastest harvests are: Arugula, radish, turnips, micro greens, kale, lettuce, and cabbage. Try experimenting these in different stages or grow them all at once so you have a continuous harvest.

3- Start by eating less meat, particularly red meat. The road to being a vegetarian or vegan can be difficult and it’s not for everyone. But reducing even half a pound of red meat a day is equivalent to reducing 7.40 pounds of carbon dioxide produced. This is what people refer to as Greenhouse Gas which is the toxic emissions that damages our planet’s atmosphere. You might think – well, why don’t I just drive less? Well, that leads to my next step, and surely eating less meat is also good for animals right?

4- Start by driving less and using natural transportation. What – there’s natural transportation? What I mean is using your legs and feet. They’re as natural as can be. Take days where you are able to walk to school, work, or the local grocery store. Using less gas greatly reduces your Carbon Footprint.

5- Start a cleanup team. In the vast world we live in, you’ll surely see trash littered everywhere. Even if you live in the best community, trash is inevitable. They can be carried by the wind and thrown on the ground which can eventually lead into the oceans and devastate our overflowing landfills. Get together with your friends and family or join a local cleanup group. Check out Keep America Beautiful to find a local cleanup:

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