Earth-Friendly Mother’s Day Ideas!

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This year and last year were pretty difficult years for moms across the world. Moms were teachers, principals, nurses, fixers, lawyers, and of course, the main parent that every child comes to when they need something! So this Mother’s Day, let’s give moms and the mother figures in our lives some extra appreciation.

When we think of Mom, images of laughter in the sun, skipping hand in hand, and a kitchen filled with the most amazing aroma conjures in our heads. Nothing is as special as your mother or even being a mother. So this year for Mother’s Day, I’ve come up with some easy and earth-friendly ways of celebrating mom. Whether you’re celebrating your mother, grandmother, aunt, or a woman who raised you, there are some clever and innovative ways to honor her without breaking the bank or the planet. These are all simple to do with your kids and if you want to send these ideas to your spouse so they can craft these ideas to present to you, then go right along!

Aside from the common flowers and cards to give mom for Mother’s Day, let’s spice it up a bit by giving these gifts an extra sparkle while also helping out our other “mother” – Earth. Below are some fun and creative ideas to get the engine running, while also keeping it simple and classic.


– Upcycle gifts. An easy, lovely, and eco-friendly way of giving back to your mom is by upcycling your everyday items. Your mom will appreciate your ingenuity and your talent for saving money! Find some gently-used craft paper, copy paper, or newspapers and turn them into handmade flowers. You can either make them into origami flowers or cut them into flower shapes. Some great ideas can be found here:, Take old clothing and turn them into purses, book covers, or grocery bags. And upcycle bottles and cans into adorable and useful containers. You can find tons of ideas online, but here is one that has some super cute ideas for upcycling bottles:

– All-natural bath bombs. Bath bombs are one of those gifts that are easily enjoyed but people don’t tend to buy for themselves. I get them as gifts quite often but I also like to make them to give as gifts. Bath bombs don’t necessarily have to be used in the bath tub because you can toss them into the bottom of the shower floor and they will evaporate in the hot steam while you’re showering! Here’s a recipe for Lavender Bath Bomb but you can add any flowers/herbs or essential oils to your bath bomb. Find out what your mom likes and include them in the scents.

– Mini Herb Garden. Who doesn’t like fresh herbs, right? Especially when you have a tabletop version in the kitchen or on the windowsill outside. Start with some super easy and super useful herbs such as Sage, Thyme, Mint, Lemon Balm, Basil, Cilantro, Parsley, and Oregano. All of these herbs can be used for culinary and medicinal purposes. You can either start with seeds and plant ahead of time (some grow into seedlings fairly quickly) or buy small plants and plant them into adorable planters (perhaps you can even use your upcycled planter!).

– Indoor plants. Studies have shown that certain indoor plants can improve air quality in your home. Certain plants such as Ferns, Bamboo, and Dracaena all have health benefits that can improve your mom’s mood and keep your home free of air pollutants and allergens. You can find these type of plants at your local nursery or online.

– Chore Wish. Ask your mom ahead of time or create your own chore list. Depending on the age of the child, pick chores that they can easily do, such as sweeping the yard, washing dishes, or folding clothes. Your mom will REALLY appreciate the effort you put in and be thankful for taking some extra chores off her hands. Create a wish list on a colorful chart and have your mom check it off as you go.

– Recycled materials. Give mom gifts made from recycled materials. You can find tons of useful and wonderful items such as pretty grocery bags (find sturdy and elegant ones from Whole Foods Market and online), journals made from recycled paper, and clothing made from recycled materials.

– Vegan and/or vegetarian brunch. Give mom the gift of good health and good taste. Vegan and vegetarian food are no longer just salads and crudites. Vegan options are food that are not made with animals or animal by products. Vegetarian food can include eggs and dairy, but just not animal meat or seafood. Check out some of these healthy and delicious vegan and vegetarian recipes:

– Flowers from the garden. If your mom already has a beautiful and bountiful flower garden, then trim some of her favorite flowers to put into an elegant vase. If not, then buy organically grown flowers – organic flowers are not sprayed with toxic pesticides and are healthier for the earth. You can even put the flowers in one of your recycled containers to make it even more unique!

Whatever you decide to do this Mother’s Day, do it with all of your heart and kindness. Your mom after all, worked hard to raise you and teach you all the life lessons that you need to know.


*photos courtesy of HGTV and CookingLight


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