The Time We Ate Healthy – How to Boost Your Immune System

Growing up in the Bay Area with my parents, siblings, and a revolving door of pets, meals meant an abundance of healthy and fresh food.  The memory of our backyard is so tangible every time I think about going outside and plucking some juicy Golden Delicious apples off our trees. A majority of our fresh fruits and vegetables came from our trees and plants at home because it was easier and more nutritious to grow our own food. While we didn’t live on a farm, my parents’ green thumbs made virtually every vine grow taller and every branch grow stronger. Ever since I was small, my parents encouraged me to grow my own plants and thus developed a love for gardening and learning every thing I could about the connection between food and health.

Now more than ever, we need to focus on building our own health and boosting our own immune system. Our health is greatly affected by our environment and our planet’s eco system. You’ve probably heard of the old saying, “you are what you eat”. Well, doctors, scientists, nutrition experts, and even parents can tell you that what you put in your body, directly affects its outcome. We take in healthy and nutritious food, our body will become healthier and stronger. Junk food becomes junk in our bodies and plays various damaging factors to our health. Your immune system is basically your first and initial defense against foreign objects inside your body. The stronger your immune system is, the better it is at doing its job in fighting off viruses, bacteria, and germs.

I attended two webinars this week on building resiliency and preventing illnesses during the COVID-19 pandemic. Both webinars featured doctors and nurses of various medical fields, each with their own advice and lessons on how to stay healthy at this time. The one main takeaway from these webinars was the undeniable truth that our immune system is our strongest weapon. Imagine our immune system as a defense agency. Our cells are our agents and we must feed our “agents” with proper weapons to defend and protect our body. How do we feed our agents or cells proper weapons for defense? There are a few factors that we must remember and practice daily if possible.

To put it simply, our body is made up of cells. Our cells are the building blocks of all components in our bodies. Our immune system is our body’s own defense system against any foreign bodies that appear inside us. To keep our immune system strong, we must feed it nutritional food, get plenty of rest so our bodies can replenish, reduce stress so our organs don’t get depleted, and regular exercise to keep our cells regenerate properly. Eating healthy might possibly be the best or the most difficult practice for many of us. Eating healthy entails fresh, multi-colored fruits and vegetables, less sugary food, and plenty of liquid to keep us hydrated. Below I’ve listed some basic foods as well as Superfoods that can help boost our immunity and give our bodies a chance to stay healthy and fight off any number of illnesses and disease.


All fruits and vegetables contain some kind of vitamin and mineral. But certain fruits and vegetables have specific genetic qualities that help target problem areas and boost our immunity. 

Green Vegetables and Fruits:

Green colored vegetables and fruits get their green color from chlorophyll which can protect against certain types of cancer and disease. Green vegetables and fruits contain a wide assortment of vitamins and minerals such as Vitamins A, B, C, D, and E, and minerals such as magnesium, copper, and manganese. 

Try green vegetables such as broccoli, green beans, green onions, cucumbers, as well as leafy green vegetables such as kale, spinach and chard. Try green fruits such as green apples and kiwi.

Red Vegetables and Fruits:

Red vegetables and fruits contain powerful antioxidants such as lycopene and anthocyanins which are powerhouses in preventing many illnesses and disease. Red fruits and vegetables also tend to be easier to find as there are more varieties than other colored fruits and vegetables.

Try red vegetables such as red bell peppers, tomatoes, radishes, and beets. Try red fruits such as cherries, cranberries, goji berries, and watermelon.

Yellow and Orange Vegetables and Fruits:

Yellow and Orange Vegetables are abundant in A, B, C, and E. They are boosters of cell regeneration and are great for skin and eyes due to their alpha and beta-carotene properties. 

Try yellow and orange vegetables such as corn, squash, carrots, yellow beans, pumpkins, and yellow and orange bell peppers. Try yellow and orange fruits such as tangerines, bananas, kumquats, pineapples, mangoes, and golden kiwi.

Super fruits are fruits that are packed with a high spectrum of antioxidants, fiber, vitamins, and minerals. They hold immense power in fighting free radicals, preventing certain illnesses and disease, and increase longevity.

Try super fruits such as acai berries, dragon fruit, blackberries, kiwi, pomegranate, and watermelon. You can find most super fruits in supermarkets and farmers markets as they typically require more care in growing them.

Remember that eating healthy, exercising regularly, sleep well, reduce stress, and finding positive ways to cope can help your immunity. Take small steps if necessary, and know that you can control your own health with making the right decisions.

Stay healthy. Stay safe. Stay diligent.


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