Detoxing Kids For Back-to-School Success!

School season is upon us and for some of us around the country, school has already started! Whether or not your kids are ready to get back to school, there are some important things to remember before the school year starts, and that’s detoxing our kids.

What do you think about when you hear the word, “detox”? Alcohol? Late night snacking? Or video gaming? If you have school-aged kids, you probably wholeheartedly agree with me about the video game part. Kids need as much “detoxing” as adults do when they’ve been immersed into activities and situations that can harm them later. While not as extreme as it can be for a grownup, kids need downtime to get back to a regular routine for school.

Back to school can be a stressful time for kids, no matter the age. Their sense of freedom and self-reliance that they experienced during summer may seem to suddenly disappear once school starts. But school time is actually the best time to teach children about independence and self assurance. We all want our kids to succeed so getting them prepped ahead of time for a big event such as the start of school, is important in preventing meltdowns and arguments. One of the best ways of getting kids ready for the school year is helping them detox from all the non-stop action during summer. Though summer can be a fun time for kids, it could also be stressful for parents who worry what to do with their kids while they’re at work. Therefore, summer detoxing can help both parents and children.

  • Reduce Anxiety – school anxiety might be one of the biggest concerns for children. Depending on the age, children worry about all sorts of things before school starts. In this day and age, society expects a lot more from children than years before. This transfers to parents expecting more as well as school administrators. Help reduce school anxiety by following these steps at

  • Have a Morning Routine – getting your kids ready for school in the morning can be easy or herculean. But setting a routine for school days is important for both kids and parents. Just as adults have their own routine set for going to work or going about their day, kids need the same set of routine so that they have one less thing to worry about. provides some great tips here.

  • Have a Nighttime Routine – just as important as a morning routine, so is a nighttime routine. Kids of any age would love to challenge you in how long they get to stay up at night. But studies show that school-aged children need the proper amount of sleep for proper brain and body growth. Plus, who wants a groggy and tired kid in the morning when you’re trying to hustle them out the front door?

  • Set Up a Homework Station – students as young as kindergarten are starting to get homework. Yeah, crazy right? We are in a society where success is highly measured and the education system is pushing students to learn as much as they can and teachers to cram as much info as they’re told to do. So help prevent homework anxiety by setting up a homework station for your kids. The station helps keep school supplies organized and easy to reach. Keep the station at a visible area so kids can go to it easily. Rotate the supplies throughout the year based on needs and desires by the kids and teachers.

  • Set Playtime Limits – play time is just as important for children as school. We live in a world where we can play with practically anything. And depending on the household, technology seems to be a major playtime factor for children. But too much screen time can actually harm children. Set time limits on your child’s screen time but be sure to include extra time for schools that require computer access. Get your rules set early and way before school starts so they know what to expect and can transition to optimal learning opportunities. For some great tips, read the article here at

  • Early Learning – if you gave your child tasks to read or learn math during the summer, than kudos to you! Kids can have anxiety about their teachers and what they’re learning in their class(es). If you want to prevent the “summer gap”, then get your kids some reading material and help them study up on what they’re going to learn in their new grade. Being prepared is never a bad thing and the more your students know what to expect in their new grade, the more confident they will be during the first few weeks of school.

  • Healthy Food – if summer time was meant for snacking throughout the day or having carefree meal times, then now is the best time to get your kids back to a healthier eating routine. Healthy food such as fruits and vegetables gives kids the best opportunity for learning. Their brains are fueled with the proper nutrition so that they can pay attention in class and won’t get overly tired by the time they get back home. Pack healthy snacks and lunches during school days and eat a healthy dinner as well. For some great lunch and snack ideas, check out here.

It’s important to remember that every family situation is different but we all want our children to have a fun, safe, and successful school year. Getting kids ready for back to school shouldn’t be a hurdle that causes more stress. But it’s equally important to acknowledge that once school starts, it’s not too late to start a routine in your household. Use the tips from above and seek online help from experts. Talk to your kids about what you expect throughout the school year. Talk to their teachers and school administrators. And most importantly, set a guideline and routines that ease their minds knowing that you are there to love and support them no matter what.

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Happy back to school and best of luck for the school year!

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