Self Care Tips for Winter

We all know that as the weather changes from warmer climate to breezy chills, our health can take a drastic change as well. Now is the best time to start with a self care regime to get ready for the holiday season. With the bustle of getting our homes ready for the holidays, planning and shopping, and finding things for the kids to do while they’re out of school, it’s important to take some moments for ourselves and not be drained of energy.

Here are some TLC tips to help you transition from fall to winter:

Rest and Sleep –

Proper sleep is an important step in taking care of ourselves. In the busy world of high stimulation – demanding job, technology, and juggling family life – we often stay up late at night to finish whatever we couldn’t finish during daytime. But not having enough sleep, or the proper amount of sleep, can drastically alter our health. Good, quality sleep is essential in preventing illnesses as the body goes through a cycle during the typical 8-hour sleep. Quality sleep helps reduce stress, and can rebuild damaged cells when you’re resting. Here are steps in helping you get better quality sleep in your life and is crucial as the day grows shorter and your circadian rhythm is thrown off.

  • Start by turning off distracting electronics at least 45 minutes before bedtime. This helps prepare the brain and body to relax. Read a fun and light book (paper, not electronic) or try meditating by closing your eyes, taking deep breaths, and let your mind drift to “nothingness”.

  • Get comfortable sleepwear and bedding. When you wear soft pajamas, the aesthetics of something soft against your skin is very therapeutic. Soft and high quality bedding (preferably organic) reduces allergens that could be making you uncomfortable. Cotton is a great material for keeping the body temperature cool and even.

  • Keep the lights in the bedroom low and non-evasive. Keep your phone face down so you’re not distracted by the screen’s light and any alerts that pop up on your phone. When meditating, keep the lights off or use a low light in the hallway if complete darkness bothers you.

  • Keep your bedroom clean and clutter free. A cluttered room creates a stressful mind which interrupts your attempt to relax instead of trying to clean everything up.

Eat Well –

Colder weather tends to bring out the need to eat more as we feel the chill in our bones and want food to feel comfortable. But as colder weather settles in, it’s also harder to exercise because our bodies are in natural hibernation mode. With less exercise or moving about our bodies become sluggish, and the effect of eating because we’re bored will put a toll on our health. Stay on track of eating healthy during the winter season especially with holidays coming up.

  • Stay away or reduce sugar intake, alcohol, caffeine, and inflammatory foods. As colder weather causes us to move less, our bodies don’t move enough to expend all the extra food, calories, and fat absorbed. Therefore food that causes inflammation will create illnesses and diseases that will be harder to eliminate as it accumulates.

  • Eat what’s in season. Seasonal foods are fresher and provide the necessary nutrients during colder months. Fall/Winter foods include pumpkins, cauliflower, broccoli, and squash. Try roasting them for a less fattening version and a tastier flavor.

  • Eat simple. Use less ingredients when cooking to cut down sugar, salt, and fat intake. Try making soups, roasting, or a simple stir fry.

  • Eat warm meals as it will bring more comfort and less need to binge on unhealthy fast food.

  • Eat in moderation. During the holiday parties and celebrations, enjoy a holiday treat but keep it in moderation and pick and choose the healthier options when possible.

Healthy Skin – 

As climate drops, so does the bite of cold wind cut into our skin. We tend to lose moisture during the colder climate so it’s important to keep skin well moisturized and healthy.

  • Drink plenty of warm water during the day. Warm water is easier for our body to process especially when it’s cold so be sure to drink at least 6 cups of water every day. If water isn’t a favorite, then try other health inducing beverages such as hot tea, hot lemon and honey, and warm milk (dairy or plant-based).

  • Keep skin moisturized by using moisturizers that contain natural ingredients. The upper layer of your skin is more delicate in colder weather so you don’t want to damage it by using harmful ingredients. Try using moisturizers that contain essential oils and herbs such as lavender, calendula, and rosemary to naturally soothe and protect your delicate skin.

  • Eat plenty of fruits to keep your skin healthy. Fruits that contain Vitamin C contains cell regenerating qualities that helps fight off germs and keep your skin healthy.

Go Outside –

So your’re wondering why opt outside when it’s freezing out there? Well, depending on where you live, opting to play outside helps keep your circulation going and prevent sedentary bodies and brains. Fresh air is also important to keeping your brain cells chugging along when all we want to do is settle in on the couch and cozy up. But it’s so easy to just stay on the couch all day and forget that we need to get up and move around. Just be sure to dress warmly and appropriately for the weather when you’re outside.

  • Take a short walk every day to keep up your circulation.

  • Open windows when the weather isn’t too cold to circulate the air in your house.

  • Get grounded by walking through a forest, touching a tree, and breathe in the fresh and untainted mountain air.

Remember that in order to thrive during the winter months, we must take care of ourselves in as natural a way as possible. Drink healthier beverages. Walk or play outdoors. And don’t let stress overwhelm you.


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