The Fear of Falling Book Tour and Giveaway – Updated

Sorry for the faux pas! Here’s the updated version 🙂


*So sorry about the faux pas post! This is the REAL one! 🙂

Can a boy and a girl be best friends and nothing more? In Amanda Cowen’s latest contemporary romance, The Fear of Falling, Ella and Ryan face that exact question years later after becoming fast friends in college. To the outside world they are nothing but the best of buddies – siblings almost – in the way they argue and make fun of each other, but something deeper runs in their friendship that neither one of them wants to acknowledge.

In a series of events that puts these two friends together at every turn, Ella and Ryan soon realizes that their friendship is put to the test when they accidentally spend the night together. Ella is working hard towards a future career with Disney while Ryan is destined to become a lawyer and work in the family…

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