Earth-Friendly Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Kids

If there is ever a day you need to celebrate it is Mother’s Day. Not only should you celebrate it with your mom, but shout it out, party it up, and make it the biggest day she’s ever experienced. Of course Mother’s Day really isn’t limited to just one day, and if you’re going to do one thing special for your mom, Mother’s Day is THE day to do it.

But Mother’s Day doesn’t have to be just for moms. Grandmas, aunts, sisters, friends, and anyone who has been a mother figure in your life can be made to feel special on Mother’s Day. So this year, why not involve your kids to do something extra special for that wonderful mom in their life? Of course if you’re a mom and you’re reading this – just act surprised when your child hands you his homemade special gift!

Here are Top Ten DIY Earth-Friendly gifts for mom:

– Wooden Birdhouse: You can buy unfinished wood birdhouses at craft stores such as Michael’s and JoAnn Fabrics for about a $1.00 Have your kids color the birdhouses and/or decorate with stickers. Be sure to use outdoor paint if the birdhouse will be hanging outside. Whether or not birds actually visit the birdhouse, it’s still a fun, educational, and economical gift that’s from the heart.

– Flower Pot: Flowers speak volumes when it comes to gifts. Have your child plant flowers in a pretty pot or a DIY ceramic or terra cotta pot. Best flowers for Mother’s Day are Sweet Peas, Sunflowers, Pansies, and anything that has a beautiful fragrance and are easy to maintain.

– Mother’s Day Coupon Book: Moms are notoriously busy so this year have your child create a coupon book of things you’d like for them to do for you. Coupons can include a “free breakfast day”, “free dishwashing for the week”, or “shoulder massage week” (I’m going to hint to my son that that’s what I’m hoping for!:) ).

– Tea Cup Cozy: If moms love drinking tea (or even coffee), make DIY cozies. Cozies can be made with leather, cardstock, or sewn together with really pretty and colorful fabric.

– Garden Sign: For moms who love to garden or even as a decorative plant stick for indoor plants, make your own garden signs by using rocks, popsicle sticks, bottle caps, wood, and anything else you can find around the house.

– Herb Infused Olive Oil: When it comes to cooking, moms always appreciate high quality cooking oils. So pick up some top notch olive oil and have your kids turn them into gourmet-style infused oils. Simply add organic fresh herbs such as rosemary, thyme, and basil to create a personalized olive oil. Put the olive oil in a pretty decanter glass bottle for best flavor.

– Embellished Mittens/Gloves: Take plain mittens or gloves and decorate them with stitching. Sew on flowers, lace, and beads to make the mittens and gloves extra unique.

– Homemade Sweets: Remember when your mom made you freshly baked cookies and cupcakes? This Mother’s Day treat your mom to fresh cookies and/or cupcakes made from scratch.

– Fragrance Bath Salts: Bath salts make great therapeutic gifts which you can personalize with your mom’s favorite scent. Try bath salts infused with lavender, rose, or any fragrant scent. For a DIY recipe, check out Botanical Alchemy & Apothecary’s Bath Salts idea:

– Special Mom’s Book: Write a book or journal about your mom. Write things about her that makes her unique and all the reasons why you love her. Add photos and drawings to make it extra special.

Remember that showing your mom your love doesn’t have to be a grand gesture. It could be as simple as a heart-warming hug or a thoughtfully drawn card. However you plan on celebrating your mom and the mother figures in your life, give it that extra “oomph” by putting your own personal touch to it.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Being a Mother

Being a mother means that your heart

Is no longer yours; it wanders

Wherever your children do.


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