Crown of Ruin: Crown of Blood series – Book Reveal by Keary Taylor

Crown of Ruin

What do you get when you cross a very angry and ancient vampire with a young lady of royal blood soon to be crowned the Queen of all vampires and witches? You get a woman who has lived thousands of lives to be reborn as the Vampire Queen of the Realm. But who said life as the queen of the most ruthless of vampires was all fun and games? Certainly not for Logan Pierce who has encountered countless dangers, enemies, and betrayals along the way. Enter the world of The Blood Descendants Universe and follow Logan, Cyrus, and their friends and families through love, life, hatred, and deception and allow author Keary Taylor to transport you into the world of vampires and the supernatural.


Logan has returned to Roter Himmel.  Once a peaceful haven for the Royals, it is now a kingdom of chaos and distrust.  The people may love their queen, but she has never ruled them on her own.

Sevan has seen Cyrus work miracles long ago, and learned his methods herself.  His curse has sustained stronger than death before but the visage of Cyrus’ demise is undeniable.  Still, Logan refuses to believe this is the end.  Cyrus keeps appearing to her in strange dreams, rambling that she must prepare—that the day is coming when night will rule the day.  

While the entire world of vampires watches, Logan will take on the weight of the crown, the certainty of impending change, and the threat of war. 

They all should have known better than to test her.  She’s had multiple lifetimes to prepare for this…

All hail the Queen!

If you’ve ever read any of Keary Taylor’s books you’ll know that her characters jump right out at you and pull you into their stories. You will be instantly transported into that place and time and live through the same emotions and feelings as her characters. And if you want to start on a brand new vampire series, be sure to pick up Keary Taylor’s entire line of the Blood Descendants Universe novels.

Keary Taylor is giving you a chance to win signed paperback books of both Crown of Death and Crown of Blood (Book 1 and 2). Signed copies! Keary is an USA Today’s Bestselling Author so be sure to check out her books and enter the giveaway!

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