RAK Week (2/11- 2/17)- You’ve been RAK’d!

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Each year, the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation (https://www.randomactsofkindness.org/) hosts a week of fun and heartwarming activities for the official Random Acts of Kindness Week. While kindness should be given freely and without prompt, sometimes people really do need a reminder to be kinder and more compassionate. Kindness starts with just one act but that single act of kindness can carry in a person’s heart and mind forever.

As a RAKtivist, I’m encouraged to do single acts of kindness during RAK week and this year I’ve decided to secretly gift the teachers at my son’s school with some sweet reminders that they are appreciated. Teachers give their hearts and souls every day to their students and it’s always a good reminder to thank them every chance we get.

So what are some great RAK ideas you ask? Here are some highlights from the RAK Foundation’s website:

* Share an uplifting story on social media

* Send an encouraging email

* Donate to a worthy charity

* Praise a local business online

* Offer to watch your neighbors’ houses while they’re on vacation

* Leave kindness notes at your workplace, school, or public restrooms

* Leave extra coins or small toys at parks for kids to find

* Smile at a child, postal carrier, and drive-thru cashier

* And most of all, be kind to yourself!

And for random kind acts for kids:

* Open the door for someone

* Pick up trash around school

* Help clean up a neighbor’s yard

* Write thank you notes to a teacher

* Let another student in front of you in the cafeteria line

* Tutor someone free of charge

* Help carry groceries for your parents

* Write encouraging notes and hide them inside library books

* And for the very ambitious kids, gather donations to give to the homeless

And remember that the best kind of random acts of kindness is when it’s done anonymously. Kindness should be given freely and without expected rewards and recognition.

Quotation: Kindness can become its own motive. We are made kind by being kind. Eric Hoffer

This year, the RAK Foundation inspires others to tell about the one person who has inspired them in life. It could be a teacher, a friend. a family member, a stranger who did a kind act, or anyone really! Check out their page of inspiration and if you represent someone, the both of you might even win a special kindness prize.


Quotation: When words are both true and kind, they can change the world Buddha

So this year, remember to do one single act of kindness each day for RAK week and maybe your kind act will inspire others to do the same. #CAPTUREKINDNESS #RAKWEEK2018


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