Week 6: 2017 Healthy Start – Eat Your Crayons

***First, I’d like to apologize to my readers for posting this so late. It’s been a hectic and crazy few months for me and I just didn’t have enough time to fully devote myself to a comprehensive post. But here is the next installment of my 2017 Healthy Start. Please enjoy!


Have you ever heard of eating Crayons? Well, when you consider the myriad of colors that come inside a Crayon box, think about fruits and vegetables that match those colors. The idea is to eat a colorful assortment of fruits and vegetables for optimum health benefits and when you think about Crayons, you can find various colors similar to all the colors in fruits and vegetables.

Telling children to eat their crayons might be something they’re already doing (when you’re not looking of course 🙂 Crayons are fascinating things). But if you explain to them that, just like all the colors in a Crayon box, all the wonderful colors in fruits and vegetables are just as fun and interesting. Take a purple Crayon for example: you’ve got sweet grapes, plums, eggplants, and fun purple carrots. With red Crayons you have red apples, pomegranates, watermelon, radishes, and all-time favorites strawberries. And with green Crayons you’ll get kiwis, broccoli, spinach, and green apples. With all the assorted colors in a Crayon box, you can definitely find fruits and vegetables to match those colors. Have your kids bring their favorite colors to the grocery store with you and see if they can find fruits to match them. Make it a fun game and they’re sure to enjoy more fresh fruits and vegetables. Children need to know early on that eating an assortment of fresh fruits and vegetables are not only beneficial to their growth, but will lead them to make healthy food choices forever.

Below I’ve listed some various fruits and vegetables that are great eaten raw or cooked. Take the list with you when you’re grocery shopping and see how many of these items your kids can find:


Getting kids to eat a whole spectrum of colorful fruits and vegetables can be challenging. Children will eat almost anything we put in front of them so it’s important to teach them early on about making healthier food choices. At the grocery store have your kids pick out one of their favorite fruit or vegetable, one of the fruits or vegetables that look interesting or are oddly shaped, and one that they’ve never tried before. Then when you take your purchases home, engage your child into cooking those 3 types of fruits and veggies. Eat them raw, baked, or stir-fried. Let your children enjoy what they picked out and have them help you prepare the ingredients. The more they are used to choosing healthier foods the more chances they’ll eat healthier when they’re adults. Help your children make smarter food choices whenever you’re eating out or at home.

So engage your kids to make healthier food choices by having them pick out a few of their favorite Crayon colors. If they don’t have crayons, then bring along colored pencils or even markers, just as long as the colors are an equal assortment – blue, green, red, orange, etc. Then have them go around the produce aisle and compare the colors to the various fruits and vegetables. They will have so much fun and be amazed at how colors are important in nutrients and taste. Try this when your kids are young so that you can do this for at least a couple of years until they grasp the concept of buying fruits and vegetables in an assortment of colors.

Happy shopping and eating your Crayons! 🙂


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