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If your kids hound you (like mine does) about sweet drinks, it’s hard to say no to them sometimes. However, I don’t give my son soda -unless it’s the occasional natural soda – and when I do buy any kind of sweet beverages for him, my first go-to is Honest Kids. I don’t believe kids, especially young kids should have sweet drinks since it only leads them to want more of it as they grow up. Sugar is an addictive ingredient and while a little bit isn’t bad for you, eating too much on a regular basis can cause health problems as you get older.

Honest Kids drinks are naturally sweetened with fruit juice instead of sugar. Too many kids juices nowadays have unnecessary sugar added into their beverages that it’s no wonder kids are addicted to sugar at such a young age. If you’re going to have some type of fruit juice, it’s always better to have them without any additional sugar since fruit juice is already sweet as is. And with all of the Honest Kids juices made with organic ingredients, I don’t have to worry much about any toxic pesticides or chemicals in my son’s juice. The Honest Kids containers are also BPA-free and are easily recyclable or reusable into fun crafts.

This year at the Natural Products Expo West I had the great pleasure of meeting Seth Goldman, one of the founding creators of Honest Tea. It was such a delight speaking with Seth as he jovially explained to me the origins of his company and how his son also grew up drinking Honest Tea and Honest Kids. Always smiling and cheerful, Seth surprised me with his newest graphic novel, Mission In A Bottle. Seth’s book, Mission In A Bottle is drawn with clever illustrations and detailed accounts of Seth’s plan to start a beverage company that provided only healthy, nutritious, and delicious beverages. I really enjoyed reading the book and as a comic fan, I truly appreciated how Seth and his partner decided to tell their story via comic book style instead of as a novel. It’s a well thought out book that any age can enjoy reading.

Seth’s book can currently be purchased on Amazon and it’s a fun and delightful way of learning how a humble dad and entrepreneur started his fledgling tea company to becoming one of the most well-known natural and organic beverage company in the US.

Honest Tea and Honest Kids can be found at natural grocery stores and supermarkets throughout the US, as well as certain restaurants and schools. The newest varieties in their extensive beverage lineup are the Honest Tea Unsweetened Peach Ginger Tea which definitely has a nice spicy kick to it and the Honest Sport organic sport drinks. I really like the Honest Sport which was created with the right balance of electrolytes and carbohydrates for athletes or anyone who wants a clean, refreshing, and not too sweet beverage to give you that smooth and natural energy throughout the day. I like that it’s definitely healthier than the other conventional sports drink out there and I can give it to my son when he’s playing outside or exerting energy all day. The Honest Sport has a more fruitier flavor than traditional sport drinks and it does still have a bit of added organic sugar. The current flavors of Honest Sport are: Lemon Honest Sport, Berry Honest Sport, and Orange Honest Sport and at 100 calories a bottle and caffeine-free, it’s a good sports drink to pick up when you need to replenish your electrolytes.

For more information about Honest Tea, please visit their website: https://www.honesttea.com/ and pick up Seth Goldman’s book to read while enjoying a favorite Honest Tea beverage!


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