Review of The Dirty Dozen/Clean Fifteen


Ever wonder why certain foods must be purchased organically grown and others are not as strictly enforced? Well, that’s because organically grown food are not sprayed or treated with toxic pesticides and herbicides. The soil and irrigation do not contain pesticides or toxic chemicals thereby ensuring a much cleaner crop down the line. Non-organic food however, are grown with heavily used pesticides and herbicides to maintain their growth along with being genetically modified for a bigger crop.

Each year or so, The Environmental Working Group (EWG) publishes their “Dirty Dozen Clean Fifteen” Shopper Guide listing twelve of the most heavily contaminated fruits and vegetables versus the “cleaner” fifteen most popular fruits and vegetables that are not heavily sprayed with chemicals. I’ve attached the graphic for you to see, but you can also go online to their website to download a copy to print out and keep (


Here is the infographic for 2016 which I’m sure in 2017 one or a few of these will change. These types of food are tested and measured for the residual amount of toxic pesticides so the most heavily treated ones are on the top.

The Dirty Dozen are ones you should always buy organic while the Clean Fifteen are ones that, while may not always be organic, the residual toxic chemicals are at lower risk.



We might not always have the luxury of buying organic food all of the time. But there are certain foods we should really pay attention to how they’re grown. Now more than ever, we need to be diligent about what we buy, who we support, and how to keep our bodies and mind clean. Organically grown food are easier to find now and prices are more reasonable than years ago. When you plan your shopping and know what you’re buying then organic food will naturally become the first choice when you shop.


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Please read the labels and ingredients carefully and follow all manufacturer’s instructions (if any). The products selected for the giveaway were generously donated by the companies/PR to help readers learn more about their products. The winner’s choice in using/consuming these products are entirely up to the winner and will not hold the author and her family liable nor the companies/PR liable. These products are made with non-toxic ingredients but always be safe with what you use and consume.




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