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I wasn’t always a big supplements person but when I became a vegetarian, I realized that I couldn’t possibly eat all the right foods on a daily basis to keep myself healthy. Most people can’t and that’s okay, and as long as vegetarians and vegans don’t become “junk food” vegetarians, then supplementing with the right vitamins and supplements is crucial.

Now the debate on whether children should have daily supplements really depends on the individual child. Does your child eat enough vegetables and fruits? Does your child have the proper amounts of minerals that are necessary for a growing body? Most likely not and that’s because kids can be so picky when it comes to food. That’s why I started giving my son vitamins when he was around 4 years old. I even asked his pediatrician and he was open to giving children as young as 4 years old some kind of vitamins or supplements.

As my son got older and started school, I felt that vitamins and supplements were absolutely necessary. Germs are germs but a child’s immune system is still growing and can be accessible to lots of bad germs. We don’t want our kids to get sick and miss out on school and without the right balance of foods on a daily basis, kids can get cranky and irritable on top of not getting enough nutrition. And children certainly have a harder time incorporating all the necessary nutrients on a regular basis.


As a Moms Meet Ambassador, I was given the unique opportunity to try MegaFood’s Kids supplements. As a long time user of MegaFood’s supplements for adults, I was eager to have my son try some of their products. Since he was already taking a daily multi vitamin, I thought it was rather nice to have specific supplements tailored to the desired needs of the child. I was given the Kids Daily Immune, Kids Daily B-Centered, and Kids Daily Multi. The only difference between MegaFoods Kids supplements and others is that they are in powdered form. While my son is more accustomed to the gummy and liquid versions, I was hoping he would like the powdered variety.

At first I gave him the supplements mixed into plain water and that didn’t work out too well. I think it was mostly because the supplements weren’t as sweet as the gummy versions he was used to and he doesn’t usually drink powdered beverages. You can definitely taste the powder form when mixed with water. So I tried mixing the supplements into orange juice or any kind of juice. While that masked the powdering form a bit, he was still able to taste the texture. Powdered supplements probably works well for some children but my son knew right away that there were powdered vitamins in his drink. I tried to come up with some other ideas and finally found that putting the supplements into his Kombucha beverages worked out pretty well. With the strong taste of Kombucha, the added supplements weren’t really prominent in taste and texture.


MegaFood recommends putting their powder supplements into juice, smoothies, or baked into food for kids, but I think it’s best that you find the right technique for your own children. I liked that the supplements had the right balance of ingredients and had no added sugar and sweetened  with only fruit. Because it’s not as sweet as the usual vitamins and supplements found in other children’s vitamins, you’d have to get really creative on how you introduce this to your kids. But no matter how you give these supplements to them, know that they are getting the proper balance of nutrients that they can’t normally get on a daily basis.

MegaFood uses only whole foods in their supplements so consumers get all the benefits of a particular ingredient. Many fruits and vegetables contain powerful health properties in their leaves or seeds and while we can’t eat them all of the time, it’s nice to have these components included in our supplements.

MegaFood also incorporates organic ingredients from other high quality brands into their supplements. Companies such as Lundberg Farms, Uncle Matt’s Organic, and Kauai Organic Farms support MegaFood’s supplements with whole grains, vegetables, and power foods such as Turmeric and Cranberries. All of MegaFood supplements go through vigorous testing and specific certification to ensure their products are safe and meet the highest vitamin standards.

MegaFood can be found in most natural grocery stores as well certain online shopping sites. For more information about MegaFood supplements, please visit their website:


* I received this product for free from Moms Meet (, May Media Group LLC, who received it directly from the manufacturer. As a Moms Meet blogger, I agree to use this product and post my honest opinion on my blog. The opinions posted are my own.

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