AquaBall Sugar Awareness Campaign Week


Have you ever walked down the aisles of a supermarket and tried to avert your eyes (and your children’s eyes) to all the sugary, artificial beverages lined throughout the shelves? Those enticing, colorful, and oftentimes deceitful little drinks know how to attract tired moms and screaming kids into buying their products. You may find a few that are actually not as harmful, but to truly give your children a beverage that is delicious and healthy, you’d have to do a bit of research.

When my son isn’t drinking water, I occasionally give him juice that is more water than juice. Not that juice is all that bad, but they still have a great amount of sugar even if it’s in natural form. When you’re looking to cut down on the overall sugar intake in your child’s life, then limiting sweet beverages is a great way to start.

I was approached by True Drinks to try AquaBall, a natural, no sugar, no artificial colors or flavors beverage designed for thirsty kids in mind. It’s slightly sweetened with Stevia, so depending on your preferences in taste, Stevia could be something you love or that you’d have to get used to. My son loves the taste of Stevia and I like the fact that it has only a tiny sweetened taste without the sugar or calorie contents. AquaBalls are simply water enhanced with added vitamins, slightly sweetened with Stevia, and flavored with natural fruit essence. All of the four flavors have zero calories, very low sodium content, and contains a good amount of vitamins and minerals. Because growing children don’t always get enough necessary vitamins and minerals, AquaBall includes them in their proprietary beverages.

20160107_171013 (1).jpg

AquaBall comes in a cool round packaging made from recyclable plastic so you can easily recycle the bottles as you do your water. And with four very distinct designs, your kids can choose between Berry Frost featuring the adorable Frozen characters; Fruit Punch, featuring Disney’s iconic princesses; Grape, featuring the powerful and popular Avengers superheroes; and Orange, featuring classic Mickey Mouse and friends. So far we have tried the Grape and Orange flavors and my son seems to enjoy the Grape flavor more.

The week of January 18 – 22 was known as National Sugar Awareness Week where Americans were urged to reduce their overall sugar intake to less than 10% of their calorie consumption. I know how hard it can be for many people, but all it takes is a few simple steps. I would suggest taking a look inside your fridge and your food pantries. Do you see a lot of sugary beverages? If so, remove all of them or if your self-control is on hiatus, keep only a couple around. Then, put notes everywhere and especially on your fridge door to DRINK WATER. Now, for the kids, definitely try to reduce their sugary beverage intake. If your kids only drink water, then that’s perfect. But if they’re getting too used to sweetened beverages including milk, then switch those beverages out with something that doesn’t contain a lot of sugar. AquaBall has challenged me along with a few other bloggers to switch out the sweet beverages in my house. Luckily we don’t have much to start with so it was pretty easy to stock some AquaBall water in our fridge. We were also tasked to make recipes using AquaBall and this is what I came up with:


Pomegranate Orange Bubbly:

Try this with the kids. They’ll absolutely love the orange flavored beverage with some crunchy pomegranate seeds at the bottom of the cup! And it gives them an extra dose of Vitamin C.


1/2 cup AquaBall Orange Water

!/2 cup 100% Orange Juice

1 teaspoon Pomegranate seeds

Mix AquaBall and orange juice until well blended. Add Pomegranate seeds and ice.

Sugar awareness should be an ongoing thing with for our kids.  Let’s all try to eliminate as much sugar in our lives as possible, especially for children so that they can learn the importance of eating healthy.


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