Tru Joy Organic Choco Chews – Holiday Sweets Review


Those who know me well know what a huge chocolate lover I am. And I’m not ashamed to admit that I can be quite choosy when it comes to chocolate. My best friend and I are sort of “chocolate snobs” in the sense that if we had to choose between gourmet chocolate and the conventional grocery store versions, well, we kind of have to turn away the conventional versions. But being chocolate-wise can be a good thing actually. It challenges manufactures who make high quality chocolates to perform better and to always keep up the demands. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with paying more for better chocolate or better sweets in general. And when you taste higher quality chocolates, you’ll probably notice the difference immediately. I always joke with my husband that he complains I only like gourmet chocolate and he’s fine with the $2.00 chocolates, and yet, it seems my gourmet chocolates always disappear rather quickly the moment I open the packages.

So when Tru Joy and Surf Sweets offered me to try and review their newest holiday line of sweets, how could I say no. My son and I already love their gummy candy and their gourmet jelly beans and every Valentine’s Day I’m inclined to buy a few packages of their Valentine’s candy to give out to my son’s friends. Not only are their sweets unique and flavorful, they are made with only natural and organic ingredients. If you’re going to buy sweets, it’s always nice to buy ones made with natural and if possible, organic ingredients. We already know the health hazards that conventional candies contain, so buying candy that’s made with better and non-toxic ingredients are always the better choice. They may be a tad more expensive, but it never hurts to indulge a bit now and then.

Peppermint Choco Chews

Tru Joy’s Organic Peppermint Choco-Chews are a perfect mix of organic peppermint candy pieces and TruJoy Sweets original Organic Chocolate Chews. The delightful combination creates a delicious blend of dark chocolate and refreshing peppermint flavors that is moist in texture with a tingling sensation of fresh mint as you chew them. The peppermint choco-chews are individually wrapped so you can give them out in single pieces, or put them in a pretty and decorative holiday box as gifts. The peppermint chocolate chews themselves are not too sweet and is great after meals or just for fun. They’re perfect for kids because they’re not incredibly sweet and they’re soft enough for kids to chew on. Since they are individually wrapped it’s easy to just hand your kids a couple of pieces to satisfy their sweet tooth without indulging too much on the sweets.



I made holiday treat bags for the Garden Club at my son’s school and included some Tru Joy’s Choco-Chews. I really like that they’re not too sweet, incredibly moist and chewy, and has a very light and delicate peppermint flavor.

Tru Joy’s Organic Peppermint Choco-Chews are only available during the holiday season and you can find them at most natural grocery stores as well as online. They also have traditional candy canes made with natural and organic ingredients so if you’re in the holiday mood, pick some up early as they can run out quick. And if you’re interested in Tru Joy’s entire line of organic sweets, you can visit their website:

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