Happy Healthy and Safe Halloween


Ah, Halloween. Perhaps one of America’s favorite holidays out of all the holidays. What with candies and dressing up in practically anything you want, America’s fascination with Halloween dates back centuries and entices not only children, but adults as well.

Besides decorating the house, finding the right costume, and loading up on tons of treats, Halloween can be both fun and dangerous. It’s not always easy trying to find the right balance between letting your kids go crazy during Halloween and keeping them safe from all the crazy stuff that’s out there. But we as parents need to be extra diligent during Halloween and remember key facts in helping our kids have fun on this day while staying safe. I love Halloween and I think it’s the perfect time to scare your little kiddos because really, any other time might just seem a little cruel. After all, Halloween derived from All Hallows’ Eve an ancient tradition practiced many many years ago. While back in those days Halloween may not have been as fun as today, for the past few decades people have taken liberties with how Halloween is truly celebrated. Wearing costumes, carving pumpkins, and handing out treats still stems from its origins but now we can really go all out in how we want to dress or decorate our houses. You may even find people decorating their cars with Halloween ornaments and some go even beyond that in dressing up their pets. And then there are horror stories of people cruelly killing or harming black cats during this holiday. For others, it’s an excuse to indulge on all the sweets that you can handle.

Whether or not you celebrate this unique holiday, there are a few things to remember in keeping our kids safe. Compiled below is a list from both experts and parents and I hope we can all have a very safe and enjoyable time on Halloween.

Halloween Safety Tips:


You can either DIY costumes for Halloween or buy them from stores. To really help your kiddos stay healthy and create less toxins for the environment, try not to purchase flame-retardant clothing or those made with PVC. DIY costumes can be made with safer materials including paper, old bed sheets, paper bags, and anything that can easily recycled.

For younger kids, have them wear costumes that stand out from the crowd in case they do get lost in the crowd. Bright colors work well but if a certain costume doesn’t include them, place reflective tape on areas of the costume for better visability.

Don’t let your kids have harmful props with their costumes. They may just accidentally hurt themselves, or worse, others.


Try to hand out healthier treats to kids such as all natural dried fruits, baked chips, or fun, non-toxic toys. I like giving kids Halloween themed school supplies such as pencils and erasers.

Keep in mind that with so many food sensitivities nowadays, we really have to be careful what we hand out as treats. Of course a good parent will always sort through their kid’s Halloween bags but it’s useful to keep in mind that peanuts can be a major choking and allergy ingredient.

To save money, do not buy in excess. If you buy sweet treats, the extras leftover will inadvertently end up getting eaten by your kids later on.


Make sure all lighting and electrical cords are UL labeled safe. Check old light decorations to make sure they are still working before hanging them up.

Try to create lighting for the trick-or-treaters that come to your home. Jack-O-Lanterns are a great decoration as well as provide better illumination on the front porch and stairs.

Try to buy hazard-free decorations. With stores readily displaying and selling Halloween decorations, it may be tempting to buy everything that you see. However, many decorations create dangerous situations for both adults, kids, and pets.

Below are some links to fun Halloween ideas for everyone to enjoy.

Disney: https://d23.com/all-treats-no-tricks-halloween-at-disney-parks-and-resorts

Disney Halloween Crafts: http://family.disney.com/articles/a-spooky-diy-halloween-guide

Martha Stewart: http://www.marthastewart.com/

Have a safe and happy Halloween!

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