Earth Day – Celebrating our Planet


Each year on April 22 marks a very important event for our planet. It’s officially called “Earth Day” and it’s the one day where lights are turned off to conserve energy, people walk or bicycle to work instead of driving, and many other activities we can do to show our appreciation for our precious planet. Of course Earth Day shouldn’t be limited to just one day in the year, but it does highlight the significance behind its meaning: that we should all cherish the planet we live in and become stewards of good will for her.

Around this time of year I come up with ideas for people around me who are also heavily involved with protecting the environment. This year since I’m involved with a special ecological program at my son’s school, I have decided to dedicate my posts revolving around the Garden Club which I started at his school. For me, I truly believe that being stewards of the planet starts with children. They are already like sponges soaking up everything around them – the good and the bad – so as parents, it’s up to us to teach them the importance of keeping our environment safe. In essence, a clean planet equals a healthy life and we all want to achieve that one way or another.

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Protecting the planet doesn’t have to be a laborious  task. It could be as simple as being less wasteful by minding what you purchase and use. It could be as dedicated as walking or cycling to your destinations as often as possible. And it could be as complex as starting a neighborhood community garden where only organic plants are grown and using only ecological components. However you choose to celebrate our planet, remember it takes dedication and determination. Know why you are doing this and understand the rewards in doing so.There is an old saying that goes, “we leave our planet for our children and their children.” That is why it’s essential to start teaching our children the benefits of being environmentally friendly by doing so in our own homes. Imagine a future where we are short on natural resources because we’re significantly using them up currently. What will happen to the livelihood of our children and their children?

Some might say well, it’s too hard to be environmentally conscious. But that’s not necessarily true. Being environmentally friendly could be as simple as taking those recyclable bottles and cans to a recycling center. If you teach your kids to do that, then they could even keep the refund money for something that they want to buy or better yet – donate the money to a good charity. However, if you want to look at a grander scale of recycling, it is often better to use lead-free, BPA-free reusable glass and plastic beverage bottles. Then you wouldn’t have to worry about contributing to the endless cycle of plastics that are forever piling up in our landfills.

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For ideas on how to help the planet this April, visit Earth Day Networks website for some very useful information:

And to find out about your own carbon footprint, check out this link:

Perhaps one of the most significant ways of reducing your carbon footprint is to follow the three “Rs”, and those are: Reuse, Reduce, Recycle. Reuse what you have if possible. Reduce what you buy and consume. And recycle everything that you can. This way, we are not using up precious natural resources and producing more pollution and waste for our future.

So start planning now on what you can do for this year’s Earth Day. I am also partnering up with the Earth Day Network this year and will show highlights of what people are doing around the world. And as the event comes closer, I will update all of you on our Garden Club and what the students are doing to make the planet a healthier place.



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