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DISNEYSIDEHOSTIf you’re like most people living on Earth, you’ve probably heard of Disney and the entire Disney franchise. From their Disneyland theme parks to their movies, Disney has truly become a household name. Each year Disney Parks and MomSelect chooses hundreds of people across the country to help host the ultimate Show Your Disney Side party. For me, it is a great honor as doing anything creative epitomizes the true essence of Disney. After all, Disney is the name of imagination and creativity and the fun never stops.

This year, the theme I chose for our party was “Idea Mouse in the House” and it was all about creativity, imagination, and fun. It was hard at first to come up with a theme since Disney has literally taken over the world with their adorable animal characters and their fearsome villains. You can’t go anywhere without seeing something Disney related. And with their franchise recently acquiring the Star Wars/Lucasfilm enterprise and Marvel Entertainment, their entire repertoire of assets has grown exponentially and will probably continue to grow as I’m typing this. But through many discussions with my son, we did finally come up with a theme and it was a lot of fun to plan it and host it!


The DisneySide (#DisneySide) Celebrations began from a love for Disney and the meaning behind the parties is to show love and appreciation of what Walt Disney brought to the world many years ago. I remember going to Disneyland as a young girl and after the first time, I was hooked. Now, many years later, I am honored to have been chosen as a hostess for this one-of-a-kind Disney celebration. Disney Parks and MomsSelect were incredibly generous in selecting the best goodies from Disney and making sure the hosts and their party guests had the opportunity to have the best time. Although an assortment of prizes were given to me including Mickey Mouse and Disney Princesses, it was really up to us, the hostesses to decided on how we want to best represent Disney.


My son and I invited some of his school friends and everyone had a blast. The park we had the party at was gorgeous and spacious and the weather was absolutely delightful. I had wanted to really give the kids an opportunity to “show their Disney side” so I had set up three stations for creative fun. The first table had Disney-themed food such as Mickey Mouse ears cupcakes, a “create your own trail mix bar”, and “brain juice”, which to the dismay of the Disney villains, weren’t really made from brains but was there to fuel the kiddos brains. On the second table we had a crafts table which included cut out Mickey ears and foam stickers, Disney coloring pages, and Disney bubbles.  And the third table was the goodie bag table in which I included all the extra prizes that were given to me including some extra sponsors for my party such as Good Boy Organics, the Disney store in Brea, and TruSweet.


My son and I truly love hosting our very own “Show Your Disney Side” celebration and I am ever grateful for the wonderful folks at Disney and Moms Select/BSM Media for choosing me again this year. Everyone including me dressed in something Disney and we were happily showing our Disney side. I would also like to thank HP for the printer photo paper, ALL detergent, Wisk detergent, Snuggle Fabric Softener, Beyond Meat, and of course Disney. I didn’t expect so many goodies to come in my party pack but we had so much fun trying them out and using them.

If you’re interested in hosting your own non-sponsored Disney Side celebration, you can visit: for ideas on how to have one. There are no rules in how to throw your own DisneySide party. It could be as simple as a child’s birthday party or as extravagant as a full on costume ball. However you want to show your Disney side is up to you – just remember to have fun and enjoy the moments!

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