Moms Meet Whole Foods Healthy Kids Tour


Some of the best things about living in California are access to fresh California grown food, an abundance of organic and natural grocery stores, and meeting people who are as passionate about healthy living as I am. As a Moms Meet Ambassador I am honored and pleased to be able to meet many brands and people who are of sound mind. One of the fun things we did a few weekends ago was visit Whole Foods Market for a Healthy Kids Tour. We already shop at Whole Foods on occasion but it was fascinating to learn about some new aspects of the company that I never knew before.

As my son and I entered the cool atmosphere of Whole Foods Market, our eyes couldn’t help but roam the entire building and smile with excitement. Shopping at Whole Foods Market is always an interesting experience. With their rows and rows of organic and natural products and their aesthetically pleasing cafes and fresh beverage bars, the popular store is indeed a feast for the eyes and the palette. Although some products may be more expensive than necessary, if you know what to look for and how to shop there, you would come out with an abundance of healthy products and a few dollars saved.



Our store coordinator, Candice was a delight to work with. With her cheery smile she led all of us around the store pointing out key features unique to the Whole Foods Market franchise. Certain things I already knew about such as the freshly baked bread sliced to order but if you like cheese, there is also an option to have the clerks cut them into different sizes for you. They also sell remnant cheese in bins that are smaller and less expensive. I was surprised at all the “secret” requests you could make at Whole Foods Market as they benefit the customers with this unique customer oriented services. Other services tailored to your shopping experience would be meat cut to the size and texture you want, an organic juice bar made to order, and pour-your-own honey. Honey can be quite expensive so I really appreciate this feature at Whole Foods.

The point of this Healthy Kids Tour sponsored by Moms Meet and Whole Foods Market is to enlighten parents and friends on the aspect of healthy living. Through healthier food choices, we can all achieve a healthier lifestyle. At Whole Foods Market, they offer an abundance of fresh produce, meat, bread, dairy, and bakery to satisfy the gourmet as well as virgin organics. Although Whole Foods is a bit farther from where we live, I do like to shop with my son there as we usually pick up a quick and healthy snack at their cafe or a freshly-pressed juice at their juice bar. There is also a kids snack zone at customer service where there is always a healthy snack for your kiddos to enjoy while shopping around the store with you.


If you’re interested in learning more about living a healthier lifestyle, please visit the Moms Meet website: as well as Whole Foods Market:


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