Memoirs of a Kindergartner


I wish I can say that my life is as organized as a Rolodex – each item has its designated section. But like most moms I’m sure, getting your laundry done, getting your kids out the door for school, and finishing up your chores all within that 3 hour time frame is already quite an accomplished feat! So when I started writing my own blog along with other various writing duties, my son would often ask me why I’m always writing, writing, and oh – writing. And then I thought it would help him love writing and reading as well. Well, it did get him interested in computers more than I liked, but it also started an entrepreneur in him.

So I told my son that when he started Kindergarten then maybe he can write his own journals or memoirs. Memoirs mommy, he asked? Yes, it’s a fancy French term for writing something to chronicle an event in your life. And then that’s when the excitement of spilling everything he’s done during school came into fruition.

Okay, so we’re already in the later half of the school year but I did promise him his own blog. So we’ll start here with mine just to get the creative juices flowing. Names have been abbreviated for children’s privacy.

Memoirs of a Kindergartner

I’m not sure if I really like school or not. I was just sort of thrown into it without mommy and daddy asking me if that’s what I wanted to do. Yeah, they said it’ll be fun and I’ll meet a lot of new friends, but what they hesitated to tell me was that there would be a lot of studying to do. 

Sure when I was much younger like maybe 1 or 2 studying meant whether I should play with the green ball today or the striped one. I didn’t care about my numbers or letters or if-you-put-c-in-front-of-a-n-what-do-you-get? I’m a kid and studying meant having fun. So big surprise to me when I had to learn A LOT of numbers and A LOT of letters and putting letters together to form words. No one ever told me that in order to buy more Legos and Transformers I had to learn how to read and write so that I can get a job when I grow up to buy those things. No one said that at school you actually had to sit still while your teacher talked and you had to be, uh-oh here comes that word – “responsible”. Okay, maybe my parents told me all those things but still…

Lucky for me my mom did a lot of word games and number games for me when I was younger, like 3 or 4. So numbers came easy for me and letters were fun as long as I wasn’t forced into learning them. And okay, I admit that kindergarten is a lot of fun too because I get to learn about nature and bugs and stuff and I get to draw and paint and do inventing stuff (because mom said I can be an inventor when I grow up). And I got new buddies too – although girls are still a bit yucky for me especially when they make kissy faces at me. You should have SEEN what they gave me for Valentine’s Day. I still don’t know why we had to celebrate it in school but I got to eat a lot of candy and cupcakes so I guess it was an okay holiday for me.

I made my mom and dad a card with a big heart in the front and I wrote that I loved them and I signed my name. Yeah, they were impressed as usual and mom said she would cherish it forever. I hope she wasn’t being “sarcastic” about it. Yup, big word I know but I learned it like 5 or 6 years ago.

One cool thing about kindergarten is that I get invited to a lot of birthday parties besides the ones from my other friends who aren’t in the same school as me. I like opening up my bin and finding a card tucked inside with my name on it. I rip it open even before mom has the chance to look at it and then of course I know it’s an invitation to a party. I plead with my puppy eyed eager face and she says I can go.

So I guess so far kindergarten is fun and there are some kids there that get into trouble A LOT, but not me though.  Mommy tells me every morning to have a good day at school and to learn a lot. Then daddy asks me when he gets home from work what I learned today. Seems that word “learn” is really a big deal when it comes to kids and adults.

But okay, I have to go now and watch some TV before dinner and then it’s homework – yuck. 

Mom I wanna watch my shows now!

Until next time.

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