Surf Sweets for Valentine!


For those of you who celebrate Valentine you already know about the abundance of sweets that are bought and given during this holiday. Personally I think this is rather a fun holiday for kids as they get to learn a bit about the history as well as express fun and innocent ways of friendship. Now that my son is a bit older, he sees all the hearts and candies and gifts throughout the stores and at school and it makes him curious. Of course, being a boy he thinks all that romantic stuff is yucky but he also knows that I have something extra special for him on that day.

Whether you give your kids sweets or not for Valentine’s Day, it’s safer to give them candies that aren’t filled will all those artificial ingredients. Given that Valentine’s Day is one of the biggest holiday for sweets, it’s hard to resist stuffing oneself on chocolates, gummies, and other sweet goodies. It may be hard to avoid conventional candies since they are everywhere this time of year, but there are also healthier choices out there too. We don’t have to be stuck buying sweets that will eventually do more harm than good.


One company which makes natural and organic sweets is a company we’ve come to enjoy for many years. I know, you’re probably thinking – organic candy? Yes, it is, and that one company is called Surf Sweets. You may have seen their adorable little gummy hearts or sour gummy bears in stores and they come in a nice little package for lunch boxes or as a sweet dessert surprise. Although I don’t let my son indulge on sweets that often, but when I do, it’s nice to know that Surf Sweets offer candies that contain natural and organic ingredients and without any artificial colors or flavors. If you’re going to let your kids indulge in candies now and then, it’s always best to give them something that aren’t full of junk.

Surf Sweets is a company dedicated to providing healthier sweet alternatives made with the finest organic and natural ingredients. With a love for candies, Surf Sweets developed sweets made from real organic sugar and without any corn syrup. Their ingredients are simple but their candies are not. We absolutely love their gummy candies and jelly beans and this time of year, Surf Sweets also has gummy hearts for those who want to give something unique for Valentine’s Day. Their gummy hearts are delicately shaped into hearts, are bite sized and contain just the right amount of sweetness and flavor. It was hard to resist eating them all, as we wanted to save some for those “I desperately need something sweet moments”.


Surf Sweets currently sells a comprehensive lineup of gummy and jelly beans including Fruity Hearts, Gummy Worms, Sour Bears, Gummy Swirls, Jelly Beans, and their two newest flavors – Watermelon Rings and Peach Rings. I love the Watermelon Rings as I can taste just a bit of the watermelon flavor with a slight tangy afterbite. You can find Surf Sweets at most natural grocery stores and they come in individual sizes that are great for snacking or on the go fun. To learn more about Surf Sweets, please visit their website for more info:

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