Imagination Movers – Imagining Wildly


In the age of iPods, tablets, and multi platform Apps, are we wondering what happened to the good old days – the old fashioned days when dog-eared books and music that came in a Compact Disc were part of the norm? Or are we just a minority of hopeful moms who want their kids to learn from the basics and to get a feel of the fundaments of learning. Sure, the modern day technology is helpful at best and some people may not even get through the day without it, but what happened to just popping in a CD in your car, cranking up the volume and blare out on the top of your lungs in tune with the music?

That’s when I think about Imagination Movers, a group of music-loving, fun seeking dads who once had a dream and endeavor to accomplish it. Four friends, who through love for their children embarked on a musical and educational journey over 10 years ago and is still going on strong and steadfast. With an abundance of CD’s, toys, and other fun paraphernalia guaranteed to get your kids up and moving, The Imagination Movers never fail to bring delight and laughter to both children and adults. We have loved The Imagination Movers and their endearing music for quite some time and we still crank up their tunes in our car, watch their only DVD over and over again, and hope with all our hearts that Disney would keep them on our TV.


If you’re a fan of good old fashioned, heart pounding, soul soothing music that transcends you through everyday mundane life, then you’ll probably enjoy songs produced by The Imagination Movers. Their songs range from rock to lullabies to trendy in an assortment of genres fit for practically any age and interest. And with several CDs to choose from starting from their debut CD to their latest rock-style CD, you’ll definitely find something that’ll make your kids happy and satisfied. Whenever we’re in the mood to listen to something fun, I pop in one of the CDs in my car and it instantly calms all the ruckus in the backseat.

The Imagination Movers are great for kids of any age as their music are clean, age appropriate, and full of fun and entertainment. Having been to a few of their concerts, we were really impressed with how the Movers engage the audience with their high energy and their love of music and people. Being parents themselves, they sing from their hearts and it definitely shows in their music.


My son and I still try to watch The Imagination Movers on the Disney Junior channel but their shows come far and in between. We hope that their show will continue after each season as each episode tells stories that help people solve everyday problems and of course in traditional Disney fashion – there is always a lesson to be learned at the end. If you get the Disney Junior channel then be sure to tune in whenever they are on. Of course you can also watch their funny videos on their website and Disney Junior’s website as we do oftentimes.

If you’re interested in learning more about the creative foursome, Rich, Scott, Dave, and Smitty, please check out their website: There you can learn more about this awesome group of friends and entertainers as well as pick up a few CDs and other stuff. They are also on tour throughout the year so be sure to find one in your area. And here’s a little video of The Movers talking to their fans:

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