OMGuac Your Lunch! – Photo Contest and Coupons


What’s not to love about guacamole? Okay, some people may not agree with me, but once you’ve tasted the rich and creamy blend of heart healthy avocados and onions, it’s hard to say no to them again. Guacamole, the form of smooth and supple avocados mixed with other ingredients such as onions, garlic, jalapeno, etc., is the perfect marriage of taste, convenience, and good-for-you nutrition. And if you’re ever in the need of a flash guacamole and don’t have avocados on hand, then look no further than with Wholly Guacamole.

Wholly Guacamole (, one of the most popular brands of natural and delicious guacamole and salsas have been making fresh and wholesome guacamole and salsas for over twenty years. They start with fresh ingredients and make and ship immediately to your nearby market. If making guacamole sounds tedious to you, then Wholly Guacamole has made it easy for you.


This time around, the genius folks at Wholly Guacamole has come up with a new and fun contest that is sure to please everyone. The Wholly Guacamole® brand wants to help you make lunch for you and your kids.  And as official sponsors of OMGuac Lunch!, what a fun and easy contest this will be! Beginning August 5th and running through September 27th, the Wholly franchise will be hosting a contest at: Here’s how it works: Use WhollyGuacamole minis and a little creativity to make a  lunch fun! The best lunches will win a lunch box full of “guacalicious” products and a gift card for $100! Winners will be picked each week through September 27th.

Along with this fun contest you can find creative ideas at and find delicious recipe ideas, coupons, and lots of fun stuff! With their One Lunch, Two Ways, you get inspiration on how to create two completely different lunches with most of the same ingredients – now that’s something any family can appreciate! And while you’re on the brainstorming wagon, visit their website: to get a whole lot more fun and interesting facts and offers for you and your family.


We’ve been enjoying Wholly Guacamole guacamole and salsas for many years now. They come in a variety of sizes and flavors which I’m sure you’ll find some to your liking. Their products have become a favorite with us and making guacamole at home can be so time-consuming sometimes so it’s easier for us to just snap open a pouch of Wholly Guacamole and enjoy it immediately.

Wholly Guacamole currently makes products which includes their entire Guacamole line of fresh and delicious guacamole, their spunky salsas, and their Chunk Avocado dips which contains only avocados and nothing else. They have convenient individual packs that you can pack in your kid’s lunchboxes so no yummy guacamole will be wasted. Besides, they taste so delicious your kids will gobble them up anyway. And all of Wholly Guacamole products contain only natural ingredients without any artificial flavors or preservatives so you’re giving your kids something healthier to eat at home and in school. We like eating Wholly Guacamole guacamole as a dip or spreading them in sandwiches for a unique treat, but I’m sure you can find other creative ways to enjoy their guacamole. In fact, if you do, then be sure to enter their current contest!

So head on over to for some fantastic ideas, coupons, and enter their contest!

For complete contest details and rules, visit

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