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It seems that the word “Superfoods” can be heard and seen almost everywhere nowadays. From health experts to chefs to parents around the world, superfoods is a term that many don’t quite comprehend the meaning of. Are they fruits that can make you fly or shoot lasers out of your eyes? Well, no not exactly, but Superfoods are a combination of powerful fruits and botanicals that contain a tremendous amount of vitamins, antioxidant powers, and healing properties. When you drink or eat any of these Superfoods, they will indeed help to work with your body in achieving a healthier outcome.

So what exactly are Superfoods? According to Sambazon (, a leading health food company that uses Superfoods in their products, their Superfoods contain important ingredients that “satisfy your mind, body, and spirit”. Some of the Superfoods known to the world and have been widely used for centuries include fruits and botanicals such as Acai, Acerola, Brazil Nuts, Cacao, Cashew Milk, Rice Milk, Chia Seed, Coconut, Coconut Milk, Guarana, Guayusa, Quinoa, Spirulina, Wheatgrass, Yakon, and Yerba Mate. Some of these fruits and botanicals are found only in their indigenous countries while some can be found in the United States. And when harvested at their immediate peak, you get their awesome “superfood” powers.

So is it all hype? Well, if you’ve ever tried any of these type of Superfoods and have received great results, then no, they’re not hype. But if you’ve never tried them before, then you’ll probably have to try them a few times to see the results. Each of these Superfoods listed above produce some kind of nutritional health benefit that works well with almost anyone. Acai, which is a fruit staple with the Brazilian Amazonians, are rich in antioxidant powers while Chia Seeds is known for its rejuvenating and energizing properties. Any of these fruits and botanicals combined with your regular food diet can be made into something delicious, healthy, and beneficial.


At Sambazon, they believe that using the highest quality of Superfoods produced organically and without any added GMO’s in their products are what the public needs right now. With a history of over 10 years in the research and development of their Superfoods products, many people have come to enjoy and rely on their products for optimum health and vitality. The folks at Sambazon promises to provide not only excellent Superfood products, but they are also stewards in preserving the delicate Amazon Rainforest in which most of their fruits and botanicals are harvested.

As a firm believer that natural ingredients are key in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, I have no qualms about eating or drinking food made from Acai, Rice Milk, Ginger, Wheatgrass, and so forth. If you do research on some of the benefits of these ingredients, then you’ll know that they have been enjoyed by people in other countries for many, many years and have only recently become more popular within the United States. And when I tried Sambazon’s freshly made juices, I was extremely delighted at their delicate taste and flavor. Not overpowering yet you can still taste the incredible signature ingredients. And since most of them are made with little amounts of sugar or no sugar at all, it’s not overly sweet either.


All of Sambazon’s products are made with organically-produced whole food ingredients and are suitable for vegans and those on a strict diet. And although I’ve only tried a few of their products, Sambazon makes an impressive lineup of healthy, wholesome, and delicious beverages and smoothies. All of their fresh juices are made from fresh, organic ingredients and contain the whole ingredient to get the full benefits offered. They are also vegan and gluten free and their ingredients are grown without the use of genetically modified organisms. With an impressive lineup of flavors including Acai Original, Acai and Blueberry and Pomegranate, Mocha Java Energy, Chocolate Almond and Coconut Protein, Kale and Ginger Supergreens, there is a flavor for almost everyone. And because they are all natural, they are great for little kids. Just be sure to read the ingredients before you decide if it’s suitable for your kids.

Besides fresh juices and smoothies, Sambazon also makes frozen sorbet, frozen smoothies, and energy drinks. And their products can be found at virtually any grocery store that sells natural foods. I really enjoy their Original Acai as well as their Acai Blueberry and Pomegranate. My son loved the Original Acai and he easily drank the whole bottle in one sitting. If you think kids might think that Acai sounds strange and may taste strange, you’d actually be surprised at how delicious and unique in flavor it actually is. And since Acai boasts extraordinary antioxidant powers, it doesn’t hurt to give them a try.


As an official blogger for Moms Meet, I was given the unique opportunity to try Sambazon as well as offer 1 LUCKY reader of Happymomblogger the chance to win a great prize. The prize will be 3 FREE product coupons and a custom wooden bowl/spoon set (see above photo). The bowl looks very sturdy and smooth so it would be great for cereal, yogurt, and ice cream. Or perhaps you can try using it for one of Sambazon’s unique “Acai Bowl” filled with frozen Acai berries blended into a smoothie and topped with fresh fruit and granola. Whatever you use the coupons and bowl set for, you’re bound to enjoy your delicious beverages from Sambazon. So how do you win this fabulous prize? Read below to find out!

Here’s how to enter in the Sambazon giveaway:

(Please note, the rules have changed slightly. Please read carefully before entering)


#1 entry – “Like” Sambazon on Facebook: and write on their wall that you are entering the contest at Happymomblogger: Please put Happymomblogger as the heading.


#2 entry – Become a follower:!/happymomblogger and “Tweet” me @happymomblogger that you are entering the Sambazon giveaway. Become a follower of Sambazon: and “Tweet” that you are entering the Sambazon contest at Happymomblogger.

#3 entry – Subscribe to my Blog.

#4 entry – Tell me what flavor you would like to try most.

#5 entry – Vote for me at Top Mommy Blogs using the link provided below.

You can enter by telling me the 5 entries in the LEAVE A COMMENT box. Please be sure to give me your name and email address so that I may contact you if you win. Contest is open to residents of US only. 18 years and older please. Please be sure to provide a physical address and not a P.O. Box. Only 1 contestant per household please. Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery of prize. Any violation of the rules will deem your entry as disqualified. Happymomblogger is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged prizes but will do the best to ensure your prize gets there. In  the event the winner can not be contacted within 3 days of email sent then another winner will be chosen. No purchase necessary to enter. Void where prohibed by law.

Contest Start Date: June 3, 2013


Only  1 winner will be chosen at random and I will post the winner’s name on my blog.


Disclaimer: The product(s)were sent to the author for review by the manufacturer/PR. All reviews on “Happymomblogger” remain unbiased and unpaid and are the sole decision of the author. The opinions of these product(s) were not influenced in any way, shape, or form. As always, please read the ingredients carefully when trying new products.

Please read the labels and ingredients carefully and follow all manufacturer’s instructions (if any). The products selected for the giveaway were generously donated by the companies/PR to help readers learn more about their products. The winner’s choice in using/consuming these products are entirely up to the winner and will not hold the author and her family liable nor the companies/PR liable. These products are made with non-toxic ingredients but always be safe with what you use and consume.

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