Lovely Days of Spring – Eco Friendly and Budget Friendly Fun


As we venture into the warmer months, some of us may be elated while others are groaning, “oh no, what are we going to do with the kids?” Well, there are lots of fun things to do right now when Spring is in the air and the colder days are behind us. Factor in some eco-friendly plans into it and you and your kids will have tons of good memories to last them throughout the year.

– Go on a nature hike in your local national park or any mountain area with trails. Bring along some snacks or have a picnic.

– Visit a museum during their free museum days. Simply visit that museum and click on their calendar link to access their free admission days.

– Plant an eco-friendly garden. Plant organic herbs and organic vegetables. If you want faster results, plant from already established plants instead of from seeds.

– Watch a movie during Matinee. And be sure to sign up for their frequent rewards plan. You’ll earn points for free movies, drinks, and popcorn.

– Volunteer at an arboretum. This is especially great for kids as they’ll learn about what grows at the arboretum as well as how to maintain certain plants at an arboretum. Most of these classes are free or for a minimal cost.

– Take up cooking classes. These are great for both adults and kids as kids learn the important skills of handling knives, cutting techniques, and cooking from basics.

– Take art classes. Even if you don’t know your Leonardo da Vinci from your Matisse, you’ll learn basics about using paintbrushes as well as different forms of medium.

– Visit local beaches or small town beaches. Quaint little towns with their own beaches are a lot of fun and have unique tourist attractions. Spend a whole day there or spend a night.

Whatever you plan on doing with the kids be sure to include healthy snacks, sunscreen, and a tablet to look up important info while you’re there.

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