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If you’re ever a fan of Disney and their movies and television shows, then you undoubtedly know that there are also strong, moving songs to go along with them. Oftentimes the songs in the movie or the show relates to the plot and the beautiful and memorable songs stay with you for a long time. In the instance with Disney’s television shows, there are always something fun, hip, and unforgettable leaving you impressed at the immense talents within the Disney entity.

Without missing a beat, Disney Channel conjured up a new hit series called Shake It Up. Aimed towards young kids to tweens Shake It Up is a fairly new show just shy of 3 years running. The show is full of laughs and mishaps as it follows best friends CeCe Jones and Rocky Blue in their every day adventures as dancers for the hit TV dance show, aptly called “Shake It Up, Chicago!” Among other members of the show include funny yet protective brother to Rocky, Ty Blue aka Roshon Fegan of Camp Rock fame, Deuce Martinez, a “worldly” teenager, Flynn Jones, CeCe’s  precocious and mischievous little brother, and a few other well-casted characters that blend perfectly into the show. Once again the Disney Channel has another music inspired hit show that you can’t help falling in love with. And to make matters even more exhilarating, Disney has also come out with a new CD accompanying the hit show.

As an official blogger for Child’s Play Communications, I was given the unique opportunity to listen and review their newest music CD, Shake It Up: I ❤ Dance. I was really impressed at the quality of music and lyrics on the CD and although there were only a few tracks with Bella Thorne (CeCe) and Zendaya (Rocky) singing on the CD, it was still filled with danceable and recognizable songs. Even the theme song, “Shake It Up” performed by Selena Gomez was included in the track as a nice touch. When I received the CD, I popped it into our car’s radio and my son and I both sang and jammed to the songs. He was excited that he got a brand new CD with new songs on them and since he and I both watch Shake It Up on a regular basis, the songs had more meaning for us.


The main characters, CeCe and Rocky are definitely charismatic and charming in their own individual ways. They both remind me of Lucy and Ethel from “I Love Lucy” in that one was the troublemaker while the other one was always unwittingly helping them both get out of trouble. But unlike Lucy and Ethel, CeCe and Rocky has real musical talent as well as enviable dance talent. On the show, they rose to fame from backup dancers to lead dancers in a matter of weeks. It’s fun to watch them perform intricate dance moves as Shake It Up, Chicago! goes through an opening routine that’ll blow your mind each time you see it. We love the fact that the show centers around family and growing up with normal problems and issues that most families probably have to deal with. And like any other Disney movie or show, Disney always relates an important message to the audience each and every time.


Personally I enjoy soundtracks to shows or movies because it reminds me of the show and I can always listen to the songs whenever I feel like it. Plus, if it’s a favorite show, it’s a good memorabilia as well and you can keep the soundtrack for many years even after the show has been cancelled. In the newest Shake It Up: I ❤ Dance CD Soundtrack, there are 12 titles total and I would’ve liked it to contain a little more, instead of having to listen to the entire CD over and over again. But with a few songs that have already become our favorites, it’s no big deal to listen to the entire CD since each song lasts at most three or four minutes long. All the songs have been featured on the show having been danced to by either CeCe and Rocky or guest dancers. And if you’re a fan of the show, then you’ll surely recognize some of the songs on the CD Soundtrack.

For more information about the show, Shake It Up or the CD, Shake It Up: I ❤ Dance , please visit their websites: and

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