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If you have a kid that’s absolutely fanatic about cars or anything that moves, then you’ve probably heard of Ridemakerz. There’s always something fun and creative to do with the customizable line of cars and trucks that is sure to delight any young child (or adult). Now, they have a new line of create-your-own automobiles that’s easier than their standard Ridemakerz you’d find in their signature stores. This new line called Xtreme Customz can be found at most Target and Toys R Us stores and is designed for kids ages 5 and up and can be customized at home rather than in their Ridemakerz stores. We’ve been to the Ridemakerz stores a few times and it’s always fun to check out the different type of cars available to make and upgrade. And when we found out about their Xtreme Customz line which we found at ToysRUs, we were equally excited at the unique options for the custom made vehicles. My son absolutely love building cars and he finds the challenge of making them to his own liking quite exhilarating. So ofcourse we have tons of different types of vehicle building toys yet it seems like there’s never enough building toys for him to play with. And I’m pretty sure that most young kids feel that way about their toys – that they just don’t have enough of them. Only thing is, it can get quite costly with all these new and fascinating toys coming out practically every day, it’s almost a hazard going shopping these days. Too much eye candy, so to speak. But with Xtreme Customz (http://www.xtremecustomz.com/), the prices are actually really decent. It costs $9.99 and there are a great variety of makes and models to choose from. The unique new body styles currently comes in popular Superhero models such as Iron Man, Spiderman, and Batman. There are also military type cars, police cars, and regular street cars and you can either lift them to make them “off road” or keep them in race mode.


As an official blogger for MommyParties, I was given the unique opportunity to try Xtreme Customz as well as throw a party featuring these fun new toys. So, I gathered my friends and family and their kids and each child received their very own Xtreme Customz model. It was a crazy frenzy of kids jumping at the opportunity to try out these newest toys from Ridemakerz. Most of these models that we received were all recognizable by the kids such as the Iron Man car (shown above), Batman, Police Cars, and Chevy Camaro (like Bumblebee). Since Xtreme Customz and Mommy Parties had sent me a wonderful selection to choose from, all the kids were really happy with their choices.

Xtreme Customz custom built models are an easy way to get your kids attention when they’re tired of just plain old cars that are already built for them. With Xtreme Customz, they can add or remove parts, customize it, and swap them for different parts with other models. And they are a good size at 1:48 scale size and they look pretty close to the real life counterparts. I even had fun helping build them and we raced them around the roads to see who had the fastest “car”.


Currently Xtreme Customz has about 21 different models to choose from so there’s one for everyone of every taste. And your Xtreme Customz cars are easy to carry around and play with on the go too. You can also get creative and play with them on dirt roads or any other simulated scenarios to make your custom cars even more fun and exciting. There are also a bunch of fun stuff to do on the Xtreme Customz (http://www.xtremecustomz.com/) website as well. The photo above lists all the cars that are currently available and I’m hoping they’ll make more soon. Maybe they’ll have more licensed cars in the future with all these new movies coming out as well.

If you’re interested in learning more about Xtreme Customz, be sure to visit their website or pick up a few at your local Toys R Us or Target stores. And the great thing about these custom build cars is that they are not limited to just boys – girls would love them too!

Disclaimer: Happymomblogger was given Xtreme Customz custom build cars as part of the MommyParties blogger program.

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3 thoughts on “Ridemakerz Xtreme Customz – Products Worth Reviewing

  1. This was another one of those toys that I was able to give to our 8 year old and say “have at it!”. He read the instructions (well, at least I think he did) and put together the cars all by himself. He loved everything about it, from seeing all of the different parts to building something completely by himself.

  2. The idea behind the Xtreme Customz line of toys is that you purchase a basic car, and then you can purchase additional pieces to create and customize any kind of car you can dream up. With the Xtreme Customz XL Spider-Man, kids can create and customize a car for their favorite superhero. Out of the box, this is a pretty basic 1:18-scale, free-wheeling, lightweight plastic car with Spider-Man decoration. Kids can customize it by snapping the tires on or off and changing the rims. Kids can also add the web shooters by sliding them into the slots on the underside of the car. To do anything else, you’re going to have to buy additional pieces.

  3. This one is really cool toy, it also helps the kids develop their knowledge about motors….i m just planning to gift one of these to my kid. Also do check for this toy this one is amazing, I gifted my kid with one these and he is really fond of this….”https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1344682921/modarri-cars-feel-the-road”.

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