Earth Day – A Celebration of our Planet


Traditionally Earth Day is on April 22 based on an old discovery years ago. But I’d like to think that Earth Day should be every day. As an individual I can accomplish what is probable, as a whole, we can accomplish more than possible. It’s not difficult to do something positive for the environment and in doing so, we’re doing something positive for ourselves. In essence, when we help our planet, we are helping to ensure a safer and better planet for our future generations. And the thank you’s and rewards will keep growing.

Every year when it’s around Earth Day, I like to do something extra special for our precious planet. Maybe it’s planting a new tree, helping someone jump on the “green” bandwagon, or helping with fundraisers that work for the environment, I believe that any small step towards protecting the environment and our health can be a catalyst for better things. And all it takes is just one individual that can lead to more individuals to eventually a whole country. We only have one planet to live on currently so we might as well take care of it. After all, if you’re endeavored to take care of your own body, why not take care of the planet that you live on as well?

One of my favorite organizations that dedicate themselves in educating and helping the environment is called Earth Day Network. Through their website you can learn a lot about how to help the environment and everything that’s happening around the world which involves helping the planet. Because after all, just because we live in the US doesn’t mean that people from other countries aren’t doing their share of helping the environment. That’s why there are companies like the Rain Forrest Alliance, Certified Fair Trade, and even organic labeling to help ensure a healthier future for everyone.

On the Earth Day Network’s website, I thought their Footprint Calculator ( was pretty nifty in that you just input your location and go through some simple steps to see how your carbon footprint affects your area and eventually the planet. Every little action imparts another action and if we all do our part in preserving our planet, then hopefully Earth can last a very long time. So what can you do today to help with our environment? Well, there are many things you can do, but you can start small if you’re just starting out and then eventually it’ll be easier to perform simple earth-preservation tasks.

– Use recyclable materials such as wood, glass, and most recycled plastics.

– Buy products made with recyclable and post-consumer materials such as wood, glass, and most recycled plastics.

– Recycle what you can. And try to buy less products that are not easily recyclable. After all, just because it’s recyclable doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll be recycled faster. Check your local recycling centers to determine what they can recycle.

– Use less, spend less, waste less. If you can reuse something, then you’re actually saving more money from your pocket – so isn’t that a win-win situation?

– Buy products that are manufactured closest to where you live. Less carbon footprint impact.

– Start your own organic garden. Even the smallest garden will do wonders for the environment and your health.

– If you can’t plant your own organic garden then buy organic products as often as possible and preferably those that are grown and made closest to where you live. Organic products are not allowed to be sprayed with toxic chemicals that can potentially harm people and the environment.

– Drive less often when possible. Try to make your shopping trip all in one store.

– Where possible, bring your own coffee mug. Some coffeehouses will let you bring your own mug.

– Buy in bulk when possible. This will also save you lots of money.

– Turn your thermostat to an agreeable setting in the Summer, use fans, and unplug anything electrical when not in use.

– Upcycle what you have around the house. Upcycling is finding a new purpose for your old stuff.

– Buy from organizations that utilizes environmentally-friendly practices. Such ideas would be organic ingredients/materials, certified environmentally safe materials, and recycling practices.

– Donate your time, products, money to organizations that help the environment. Just make sure to do proper research before doing so.

– Donate any unwanted items to friends, family, charity, etc. Just make sure that they are still in decent condition.

– Try going vegetarian for at least a week a month or once a day each week. It’ll greatly reduce your carbon footprint and you’re saving an animal.

All in all, there are many ways of helping to preserve the planet. Even the simple task of bringing a reusable bag when shopping will help. All it takes is one small step and soon others will learn from you. It doesn’t have to start on Earth Day. You can begin your journey of healing the planet any day just as long as your true intent is honorable.

Happy Earth Day! And if you have any ideas of your own, please feel free to share.

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