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When people ask me why I became a vegetarian, the answer is simple – I don’t like animals being harmed especially for food and I want to stay as healthy as possible. Vegetarians become vegetarians for many reasons and there are actually several different types of vegetarians. But being a vegetarian hasn’t always been easy, especially in the beginning when cravings for a cheeseburger or seafood sneaks up. And having been a vegetarian for a long time, people used to look at me like I was crazy and didn’t really comprehend the reasons to why I became a vegetarian. Now, as people have become more accepting of personal food lifestyles and with health being a big issue in the U.S., vegetarians are almost becoming the norm. Almost.

I think the one thing holding people back from eating more plant-based foods is that big food companies are trying too hard to make products that are more convenient, rather than help you eat healthier. Convenience is great when you need it to be, however, not all companies are willing to produce healthier foods that are actually better for you and safer for the environment. Plant-based foods come straight from the source and are actually more convenient and versatile than one would think. And when you incorporate more plant-based foods into your diet, you’ll soon find that it’s easier to include them into your daily meals.


What if sometimes you do need a little help in preparing more plant-based meals? Soy, for instance is a great base for any plant-based diet. Miso, soy-based burgers, and soy beverages offer great amounts of protein and vitamins. And then when you incorporate vegetables and grains, then your meal is more complete than you’d think. When I came across a company called Edward & Sons awhile ago, I was intrigued to find that they carry an extensive line of plant-based products made with organic and natural ingredients. Their natural and organic products help those who need an extra incentive to eat healthier and less meat. With their comprehensive line of products which include miso soup, vegetarian sauces, and pasta dinners, there’s definitely something for everyone there.

Edward & Sons (http://www.edwardandsons.com/) began as a small company that sold primarily miso soup based on the belief that plant-based foods should also be high quality and available for everyone. This innovative company soon grew to compose of other brands under the Edward & Sons label which includes Let’s Do, Let’s Do Organic, Native Forest, Native Factor, Premier Japan, Road’s End Organics, and Wizards. We first discovered their Let’s Do Organic Ice Cream Cones when searching for a healthier version of the traditional ice cream cones you would find in supermarkets. I was delighted to find that they contain simple ingredients you would use yourself if you had the time to make ice cream cones at home. I was instantly hooked and from then on, we would buy only the Let’s Do Organic ice cream cones. Although the price is a little higher than a mainstream brand, we don’t buy it often and the healthier ingredients definitely pays off.

When Edward & Sons offered me to try some of their products, I was delighted at the chance. I tried their Organic Home Style Mashed Potatoes, Native Forest Organic Sliced Crimini Mushrooms, and Road’s End Organics Golden Gravy Mix. And the result was a delicious, moist, and convenient mashed potatoes with gravy and mushrooms. Although I prefer to make my own mashed potatoes and gravy, it’s always nice to have something available on hand when you’re trying to whip up dinner quickly. The Home Style Mashed Potatoes wasn’t mushy at all and had a nice moist texture to it and its made with organic potatoes, organic onion powder, sea salt, and organic black pepper. The Organic Golden Gravy Mix was smooth and not too salty and is made with a base of organic brown rice flour, organic tapioca starch, and organic Tamari. The Organic Crimini Mushrooms were delicate little mushrooms that tasted extremely fresh for a canned product. In fact, Edward & Sons harvest their vegetables at the peak of freshness and cans them immediately to retain the flavor and freshness. Below you will find a photo of the Mashed Potatoes with Gravy and Mushrooms that’s included with homemade turkey meatballs.


Edward & Sons would also like to give 2 LUCKY readers of Happymomblogger the opportunity to try their Edward & Sons™ Organic Home Style Mashed Potatoes, Native Forest® Organic Sliced Crimini Mushrooms, and Road’s End Organics® Golden Gravy Mix. Both winners will receive the same prize as mentioned above. So how do you win this yummy prize? Read below to find out!

Here’s how to enter in the Edward & Sons giveaway:

(Please note, the rules have changed slightly. Please read carefully before entering)


#1 entry – “Like” Edward & Sons on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/#!/edwardandsons?fref=ts and write on their wall that you are entering the contest at Happymomblogger: http://www.happymomblogger.wordpress.com/. Please put Happymomblogger as the heading.


#2 entry – Become a follower: http://twitter.com/#!/happymomblogger and “Tweet” me @happymomblogger that you are entering the Edward & Sons giveaway. Become a follower of Edward & Sons: https://twitter.com/EdwardandSons and “Tweet” that you are entering the Edward & Sons contest at Happymomblogger.

#3 entry – Subscribe to my Blog.

#4 entry – Enter in my other contests.

#5 entry – Vote for me at Top Mommy Blogs using the link provided below.

You can enter by telling me the 5 entries in the LEAVE A COMMENT box. Please be sure to give me your name and email address so that I may contact you if you win. Contest is open to residents of US only. 18 years and older please. Please be sure to provide a physical address and not a P.O. Box. Only 1 contestant per household please. Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery of prize. Any violation of the rules will deem your entry as disqualified. Happymomblogger is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged prizes but will do the best to ensure your prize gets there. In  the event the winner can not be contacted within 3 days of email sent then another winner will be chosen. No purchase necessary to enter. Void where prohibed by law.

Contest Start Date: January 23, 2013


Only 2 winners will be chosen at random and I will post the winners names on my blog.


Disclaimer: The product(s)were sent to the author for review by the manufacturer/PR. All reviews on “Happymomblogger” remain unbiased and unpaid and are the sole decision of the author. The opinions of these product(s) were not influenced in any way, shape, or form. As always, please read the ingredients carefully when trying new products.

Please read the labels and ingredients carefully and follow all manufacturer’s instructions (if any). The products selected for the giveaway were generously donated by the companies/PR to help readers learn more about their products. The winner’s choice in using/consuming these products are entirely up to the winner and will not hold the author and her family liable nor the companies/PR liable. These products are made with non-toxic ingredients but always be safe with what you use and consume.


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