New Year – New Improved You


I’m not one to make new year resolutions. I prefer to make corrections of past mistakes or blunders throughout the year, as they happen. For some, making new year resolutions may work and some resolutions might actually be kept. But I don’t know many people who can keep them. Perhaps they set too high of a goal for themselves or make unrealistic, unreachable aspirations. Whatever reasons people decide in making and keeping their newfound promises, I think it’s important to make a list (whether in your mind or on paper), check it twice, and then decide if they are achievable or not. Otherwise, that list will just stay locked in a drawer with the rest of your aspirations.

As a mom, I’m constantly telling myself not to do this, not to do that. Or it’s okay to do this, it’s okay to do that. And no, I don’t really talk to myself, I just try to make judgements based on my own beliefs. Before becoming a mom however, I lived my life more carefree but as most moms know, having children really awakens your sense of judgement. Moms have to constantly think whether they are making the right choices for their children and for themselves as a parent. We try to teach our children to be good citizens of the world and we try hopefully, to lead by examples. One important rule that has never changed for me is to be true to myself. If I’m true to who I am, then my son will most likely be true to himself.

But as new year resolutions go, as I’m growing and learning and trying to find new ways of improving, I do make a mental list of all the things I aspire to achieve. And I try to make realistic and practical goals. See if any of these fit your own goals for the new year and if you have suggestions that others might follow.

1- Reuse, repurpose, reinvent. This is a step beyond just recycling my stuff. I want to find new ways of reusing and repurposing things that are not actually damaged and can be salvaged. I want to find new ways of inventing an item that just can’t be thrown away but may find new meaning elsewhere.

2- Reduce. Okay, this one may be a bit tricky and may be direct opposite of number 1, but reducing is actually a goal I’ve been trying to achieve for many years. And the easiest way of starting is to buy less. If I don’t have to worry about reducing the impact of my carbon footprint, then it’s naturally easier to buy less therefore creating less waste overall.

3- Try to be more patient with those that annoy me. Yes, this may be hard to achieve given the fact that the word “annoying” is so broad. Anything can be annoying or any person. But it’s particularly directed at people who think they know my child better than I do.

4- Never stop learning. I think it’s crucially important to never stop learning. Our minds are the gateway to new beliefs, ideas, and freedom. When we use our minds to learn and grow, we are truly able to be ourselves.

5- Never stop teaching others. You don’t have to be a certified teacher to teach. Teaching brings as much joy as learning. There are many people who enjoy learning something new and different from you so don’t be afraid to teach and lead by example.

6- Declutter the mind and home. I’m constantly trying to find ways of helping the environment, whether it’s using reusable bags, using less plastic, or conserving energy. I think one of the best ways of helping the environment and yourself is to have less clutter. This may be hard when you have kids, but teach your children (and spouse) the importance of less clutter in the home. You can then determine what you need to keep and what to throw away.

7- Volunteer. Volunteering your time and or money is important. Whenever you feel lost in the world, donate some of your time, money, and goods to those who need it more. You’ll feel better about yourself and you’re helping others. Involve your children in your volunteering endeavors so that they understand that the world revolves around us and not just themselves.

8- Find more creative ways of saving money. We all like to save money. That being said, we all like to spend money as well. They both go hand in hand and one or the other will always win when it comes down to a debate. But learning to save money and teaching your children to save money is actually a good thing (unbeknownest to them). It also helps the environment in that you’re producing less waste. Whether or not it helps the economy is a different story.

9- Teach my family and others the importance of eating healthy and living a healthy lifestyle. With the age of convenience upon us, it’s easy to pick up a burger through the drive-thru and call it lunch or dinner. But we pay for it in our health and health bills later on down the line. By choosing to eat healthier and live a healthier lifestyle, we are also leading by examples for people to hopefully follow.

10- Remain true to yourself. This should be common sense – well, for most people anyway. If you’re true to your beliefs, then you’ll gain more integrity and self worth. Teach your children this important characteristic and they’ll thank you for it later – hopefully 🙂

So whether your new year resolution is to save more money or to be healthier, or if you make resolutions at all, the best place to start in a new and improved you is within yourself. Tell yourself that you can do better and make better choices. And then remind yourself constantly if you should ever falter. As a parent, it’s important to improve on yourself not only as a parent, but as an individual being.

Happy New Year and wishes for a healthier, happier, and more prosperous year!

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