Stonyfield Farm YoKids Greek Yogurt – Products Worth Reviewing and Giveaway


We’re always excited when Stonyfield Farm comes out with a new yogurt product. In our household, our fridge is stocked up on all kinds of Stonyfield Farm yogurts. My son’s favorite is their YoKids yogurt and Smoothies but when we were introduced to Stonyfield Farm’s newest variety – YoKids Greek Yogurt, we knew we had to try it. And as usual, Stonyfield Farm exceeded our expectations in taste and quality. We already enjoy their regular yogurts on a daiy basis, and now we’re more than happy to add their new YoKids Greek yogurt onto our shopping list.

If you’ve ever tried Greek yogurt, then you’re likely to think that they’re really thick and gooey-tasting. Greek yogurt is a bit thicker than regular low-fat yogurt, and some people either like it or not. But in the case of Stonyfield Farm’s YoKids Greek yogurt, they are super creamy, super smooth, and has a really…

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