The Imagination Movers Rock-O-Matic Tour – A Concert Review

As Scott Durbin, from the Imagination Movers famously says – we all have three instruments on us at all times – one is our hands (as he claps joyously), the other is our feet (as he stomps loudly) and the third is our mouth (as he shouts at the audience gleefully). The audience of little movers and their parents all clapped, yelled, and stomped their feet along with Scott and the other three Movers – Rich, Dave, and Smitty. It was a loud, jubilant, and rock-in-your-face kind of concert that even the most bashful kid will get up and boogie with the crowd. And since we absolutely love the Imagination Movers, their concert was not an event to be missed.

The first thing that caught our attention was Mover Rich’s new hairdo. I mean, after seeing years of him in that ultra-suave short do, he suddenly sprouted a mushroom top. Okay, maybe not quite as big as a mushroom cap, but his curly black hair certainly grew since the last time we saw him. Although it was a bit fluffier, he was still adorable. This year’s concert definitely had a different feel than last year’s. Instead of opening with a band from the Disney network, it was all Movers this time – and that meant no Nina and no Warehouse Mouse. Where was Warehouse Mouse? My son scanned the entire stage and audience and could not find Warehouse Mouse. Perhaps he was out on one of his escapades this time. The only guest that popped up was Genevieve from Choo Choo Soul towards the end of the concert.

This year’s concert venue was at Club Nokia which was a bit smaller than last year’s Nokia Theater. But we found out why – there was a President Obama fundraising campaign at the bigger venue. Either way, I felt the smaller setting was a bit more intimate and it was definitely a lot easier to see the Movers and the stage. There was even an open area up front that’s standing room only where you’re close enough to actually touch the Movers – just like a real adult concert!What was really interesting this time around was that the Movers sang a lot of cover songs from other bands. Some were geared towards the younger, more teenage crowd and some were for adults – the little kids probably hadn’t heard most of the songs, but everyone seemed to have enjoyed them regardless. And with every feet-stomping song that they sang, kids and adults danced and moved to the groove and shouted with glee whenever one of the Movers came downstage to interact with the audience. There were spectacular special effects, unique dance moves, and even an Einstein-like stagehand that constantly moved around the stage as the Movers played on.

The Imagination Movers played a few of their favorite songs like “Rock-O-Matic”, “Mother In You”, and “Playing Catch” but all in all, it was a fairly shorter concert than it was last year. Perhaps because there were no other bands opening for them and there were no special guests. However, I think they made up for it by actually visiting the audience a bit more. They high-fived little kids, they threw beach balls and streamers into the audience, and they had unique photo ops. And in reality, The Imagination Movers aren’t really creations of Disney. No, they are their own creations from their own hometown of New Orleans and have been best friends and bandmembers for 10 years.

It was a total blast for me, my son, and my husband at the Imagination Movers. We were given really cool seats by their PR team and can’t thank them enough. This year’s concert was a thrill and although a bit shorter than last year’s, it was still filled with loud music, crazy dancing, and jumping around (something your kids will love to do no doubt). So if you’re interested in some good old fashioned fun with the kids where there are lots of innocence and singing and dancing, then be sure to check out their concert for yourself! And definitely check them out on the Disney Jr. channel and pick up a few of their CD’s too! They’ll be heading to the Midwest pretty soon so check out their concert dates and venues here: And to purchase their goods:

I want to give a special thanks to Jessi and Josh for the tickets and experience and the Imagination Movers for their wonderful work and performance! Keep it up guys!

Disclosure: Happymomblogger received concert tickets to The Imagination Movers in conjunction to the review of their concert.

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