Nordic Naturals Back-to-School Campaign to Benefit Healthy Child

As parents, we do our best to protect our children from bad guys, from upset tummies, from falling off a bicycle, and basically anything that can harm their sensitive soul and mind. But sometimes we tend to forget that children’s delicate growing bodies need extra care and protection. With a myriad of “junk” food aimed at kids, sooner or later they will develop bad eating habits and unhealthy living habits. So in order to start them off right, feed them healthy, wholesome foods made preferably from organic sources.

Sometimes however, eating the right balance of foods containing proper vitamins and minerals can be hard to do. Even as adults, we may have trouble knowing how much vegetables, fruits, and whole grain are needed in our daily intake to get the proper amount necessary to maintain our health. Sometimes adults turn to vitamin supplements to fill in the gaps for those lacking essential nutrients and sometimes children need them too. When we were introduced to a company called Nordic Naturals, I was incredibly curious as to the products they offered and how they were procured. Nordic Naturals has been in the natural vitamin supplement business for almost 20 years and was founded by the belief that people needed pure and clean Omega supplements to better enhance one’s health and well-being. Using only fish oils derived from fishing farmeries that are protected and monitored, Nordic Naturals ensures that not only do their customers get the best possible Omega supplements available, but that the sea animals and harbors are not damaged or harmed in any way.

We’ve been using Nordic Naturals products for a little while now. My son enjoys taking their Omega-3 Gummies and Nordic Berries and both my husband and I have enjoyed using their Omega supplements for adults. Since I’m a vegetarian, Nordic Naturals produces a 100% vegetarian Omega-3 vitamin supplement containing both the essential fatty acids, EPA and DHA. The Omegas formulated for children are all naturally flavored with citrus and although my son says you can still taste the “fishy” taste, it didn’t bother him too much since he’s had seafood before and is accustomed to the flavor. With the Algae Omega, I couldn’t taste anything “fishy” at all and perhaps it’s because of their use of microalgae and since I love seaweed and sea vegetables, I couldn’t taste anything sea-like in the supplements which may bother certain people.

Currently, Nordic Naturals is teaming up with Healthy Child Healthy World as its 2012 cause partner. For every bottle of selected children’s products you purchase at participating retailers between Aug. 1 and Oct. 31, 2012, $1 will be donated to Healthy Child Healthy World up to $16,000. Selected products include: Nordic Berries™ – chewy multivitamins with the sweet-and-sour taste of Scandinavian cloudberries, Nordic Omega-3 Gummies™, Children’s DHA™ and Baby’s DHA. You can find Nordic Naturals products at Whole Foods, Sprouts Farmers Markets, Pharmaca and other independent health retailers nationwide. As an official Healthy Child Healthy World blogger, I was given the unique opportunity to try their Nordic Omega 3 Jellies, which are soft, sweet and tart Omega supplements for children with the texture of jelly, and Algae Omega, which is 100% vegetarian, microalgae Omega supplement.

So it’s really easy and important to participate in this campaign. Simply purchase a bottle of the aforementioned vitamins for yourself and a bottle for your children, and you’re helping not only you and your kids, but other children around the world as well. For more info about Healthy Child Healthy World and their causes, please visit their website: And for more info about Nordic Naturals, please visit their website:

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