Music Soothes the Savage Beast

The kids are yelling and chasing each other around the living room coffee table. Scruffy barks loudly along with the excitement as he nips the ankles of his little owners which makes the children scream even louder. The phone rings incessantly in the background and in the onslaught of the children playing tag in the house, a vase shatters onto the floor with a loud “crash” . Suddenly, in the not too far distance, the sound of stringing violins flow effortlessly into the living room causing all commotion to stop. Not a child was moving or yelling and the dog stops barking once the yelling stops. The phone stopped ringing and all was quiet in the house. As the smooth, melodic music glides into the living room, all ears perk up to hear what it is and where it’s coming from. And although the high-pitched tone of the violin is almost as exhilirating as the children playing, somehow and miraculously,  it stimulates quietness and peacefulness throughout.

Music can do wonders for people of all ages and genders. It is an inherent love for music that began in our mother’s womb. Our moms sang or hummed to us while we were growing inside her tummy and whether she had musical talent or not, her singing voice soothed or excited us. Even the constant “boom boom” of her heartbeat was melodic and soothing to the growing fetus, lulling the growing baby to be happy and safe inside. No matter what type of music we hear, music in some form can create emotions and sensations that help us learn and grow. And most importantly, music plays an integral part for growing children and teaches them about creativity, respect, and provokes learning abilities.

I fell in love with music and instruments at a young age. My parents wanted me to learn several types of instruments after realizing that my love for music was affecting my schoolwork. I learned how to play the piano, the flute, and even the drums. And strangely enough, after taking up music and voice lessons, my schoolwork was finished faster and I got better grades. Ofcourse at that time I didn’t realize that learning about music was helping me learn more effectively overall. All I knew was that music, in any form, was in essence, “music to my ears”. And not only did listening to music and playing music made life happier, it helped me appreciate the c0mplexity of music and the intricate notes and tones that music creates.

No doubt that music is enjoyed by anyone of any age and gender. Music has no boundaries and does not discriminate. Music teaches us to be creative, to think outside the box, and to appreciate the emotions and feelings that it brings us. Music enlightens our mind, lightens our heart, and brightens our outlook. Even the most primitive music brings some kind of emotions for us. Even music that incites a change can be looked upon as something creative.

Music can ignite a movement that brings about change for many other kinds of music. It is the catalyst for all things creative and unique. Without music, our lives would be duller and less productive. You may wonder why music helps us throughout our lives? Well, try listening to music while you’re doing something – anything. Whether you’re studying, cleaning the house, or trying to fall asleep, music can help in some way. When I’m doing housework, I like to listen to my favorite music in the background. Ofcourse my son fights to listen to his music which he wins in the end anyways. But it helps us both in similar and different ways. Music soothes and calms my son as it does with most children. And when we play his favorite CDs, he sings and dances along with the tunes. Music no doubt has a positive effect on anyone. To not have music in our lives is like not breathing. For my son and I, music plays an important role in our lives and we’ve come to enjoy each other’s taste in music as well.

So whether you’re a novice in the field of all things musical or an audiophile, it’s never too late to start appreciating and enjoying music. Music is especially important for children and the sooner you start them on it, the better. Great resources would be,, Engage your children in music and you will see wonders happen.

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