Shutterfly Yearbook – A New Way to Capture Memories

What do you do when you have a popular kid at school who has way too many friends and can’t get her off the phone even to say “hello”? Well, being popular can be a good thing and even if they’re not the most popular kid at school, your children still has friends and teachers that they’d like to remember as they get older, right? You can take a lot of pictures and stick them in a photo album, but honestly, who has the time nowadays? As a busy parent, you probably barely have time to upload your photos onto your computer let alone printing them out on your own or ordering them online. But keeping photo memories is important for many people and for teenagers, photos of their favorite things at school will probably bring a smile or an amusing frown years down the line. One way to preserve those school-year memories is a traditional photobook, but this year, Shutterfly has come out with something entirely different, and extremely new and fun.

Shutterfly Yearbook : is a new way to add more excitement and meaning to your childrens memories. Whether your child is the most popular kid in school,  the best artist, the class clown, the best musician, or even the best student in school, it’s always great to capture events and memories in your child’s life so he can reminisce with his own kids when he’s older. Schools have been making yearbooks for as long as I can remember and instead of the traditional, boring yearbooks that you’re so used to, you might want to try something new this school year. Something that you can create on your own, with whatever template, whatever colors, and whatever photos that suits your liking. And when you’ve got something that’s entirely different, your kids will be grateful (for once) and may even thank you for it.


Shutterfly has been helping people create memories through prints, photobooks, calendars, cards, magnets, and even photo blankets – you name it, Shutterfly can do it for you. We’ve been using Shuttefly for many years whether it’s ordering traditional photo prints, making invitations, and creating photobooks, we’ve come to trust Shutterfly’s superior quality and renowned customer service to get the creative juices flowing. In fact, the quality of their prints is so exceptional, that I honestly can’t find anyone else to do a better job. Well, I probably can, but it would cost way too much to even try. Shutterfly is like having your own professional photo processor living in your computer. You don’t have to be a professional photographer. You don’t even have to be a great photographer. You just have to want a reason to preserve your photo memories for yourself and your family and friends and even impress a few people with the high quality craftsmanship that’s synonymous with Shutterfly’s name. And with their newest photo yearbook offered on their site, you’ve got something new and interesting to try with Shutterfly. But your creativity doesn’t have to stop there. Shutterfly’s photo yearbook can also be used for a sports team, a non-profit organization, or for anything where you want to create something extra unique and special.

This year, I’m definitely going to tell my siblings about Shutterfly’s new photo yearbook. They all have teenagers so I’m sure they’d love to give it a try. If you’re interested in creating a photo yearbook for your childrens school, you can order just one or even for the entire school. Shutterfly is offering an incredible discount if you’re ordering in bulk, so why not give the new Shutterfly photo yearbooks a try? And for more info and ideas on your Shuttefly creations, please visit their social networks:;!/Shutterfly;

* I was given a Shutterfly photobook as an incentive to share my views about Shutterflys’ new Photo Yearbook.

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