Seventh Generation – Products worth reviewing and GIVEAWAY

From the Great Law of the Iroquois: “In our every deliberation, we must consider the impact of our decisions on the next seven generations.” Seventh Generation firmly believes in this philosophy and hence derived their company name from this principle.   In every action that they make, Seventh Generation takes responsibility in all aspects of the business – from their non-toxic products to their 100% recycled paper products to their recycled and recyclable packaging. Their mission is, “To inspire a more conscious and sustainable world by being an authentic force for positive change”. The 20-some years company consider themselves to be the first socially-responsible company in the world and takes considerate measures to ensure that they not only uphold their responsibility to the planet, but that their suppliers, partners, shareholders, staff, and the public will do the same. Every Seventh Generation product that you purchase and use will help save natural resources, reduce pollution, and keep harmful toxic chemicals out of the environment.

Many of you may have already heard of Seventh Generation or even have a few products of theirs in your home. Some of you may not and if you’re interested in wanting to keep your home and your health as clean and toxic free as possible, then Seventh Generation products are a fantastic way to do that. My family and I have been using their products for many years and even before my son was born. When I choose a product to clean my home or to wash the dishes or launder my clothes, I take great care in choosing products that do not produce harmful fumes or residues that may be breathed in or set into my clothes. I’m also a big label reader and when I first discovered Seventh Generation products at the store, I saw that their packaging was unique and their labels describe exactly what their products offer. I also delved more into the background of the company and was happy to know that they take such great pride in their products and that they also donate a portion of their profits to charity. They are a company that proudly stands in what they believe in as well as helping educate the public and the government in the importance of responsible consumer products.

So what does Seventh Generation sell – you may ask? They sell basically everything you can use to clean your home (or anything you call home) as well as chlorine-free baby care and feminine care products. All of their products are non-toxic and they use sustainable palm kernal oil and recyled packaging. They strive to put their products in recyclable bottles and uses only natural renewable resources. Their phosphate-free cleaning products will not harm the environment and they even have a Free and Clear line which contains no fragrances which is great for people with certain sensitivities.

But if you do choose their products that contain fragrances, know that Seventh Generation uses only essential oils derived from natural resources such as Lavender, Lime, Oranges, Peppermint, Spearmint, and so forth. And although some of their products do contain preservatives for shelf life reasons, it is used in minimal amounts and as much plant-based as possible.

Seventh Generation is a company that constantly strives to find innovative ways to protect the environment and their consumers with their ingredient choices. With so many products to choose from, you can definitely find something suitable to your needs. For more information about Seventh Generation, please visit their website:

Seventh Generation generously offered me the Free and Clear Starter Set to try and to give away to one LUCKY reader! Although I do prefer my laundry detergent to smell nicely, the Free and Clear laundry detergent made my clothes smell nice and clean rather than “perfumed”. And the disinfecting products do contain Thymol(from Thyme oil). Although these are not considered free and clear, they are great for immune-depressed households or those with small children. The scent is essential oil – not synthetic – and dissipates quickly. The Free and Clear Set includes:

Disinfecting Multi Surface, Disinfecting Bathroom, Disinfecting Wipes (35 ct.), Laundry Detergent (Free and Clear 32 oz.), Liquid Fabric Softener (40 oz.), Dish Liquid, All-Purpose Cleaner, Auto Dish Pacs, Glass Cleaner, Natural Paper Towels (1 roll), Seventh Generation Recyled Bag


 How to enter in the Seventh Generation Free and Clear Starter Set Giveaway:


#1 entry – Please tell me the reason you would use Free and Clear in your home.


#2 entry – “Like” Seventh Generation on Facebook and write on their wall that you are entering the Free and Clear set giveaway at Just put Happymomblogger as the heading.

#3 entry – Subscribe to my Blog.

 #4 entry – Vote for me at Top Mommy Blogs using the link provided below.

#5 entry – Enter in my other giveaways.

CONTEST START DATE: February 1, 2011


Congratulations to Daiva B. for winning the Free & Clear Starter Set courtesy of Seventh Generation!

You can enter as many times as you like but you MUST enter in the Mandatory entry to qualify. The more you enter, the more chances your name will be drawn.  You can enter by telling me the 5 entries in the LEAVE A COMMENT box. Please be sure to give me your name and email address so that I may contact you if you win. Contest is open to residents of US only. 18 years and older please. Please be sure to provide a physical address and not a P.O. Box.

Only 1 winner will be chosen at random and I will post the winner’s name on my blog.

Disclaimer: The product(s)were sent to the author for review by the manufacturer/PR. All reviews on “Happymomblogger” remain unbiased and unpaid and are the sole decision of the author. The opinions of these product(s) were not influenced in any way, shape, or form. As always, please read the labels carefully before trying new products.

Please read the labels and ingredients carefully and follow all manufacturer’s instructions (if any). The products selected for the giveaway were generously donated by the companies/PR to help readers learn more about their products. The winner’s choice in using/consuming these products are entirely up to the winner and will not hold the author and her family liable nor the companies/PR liable. These products are made with non-toxic ingredients but always be safe with what you use and consume.


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36 thoughts on “Seventh Generation – Products worth reviewing and GIVEAWAY

  1. Hi! I’ve already subscribed to your blog. I would use Free and Clear in my home because I have a sensitivity to scents and I don’t want to use heavy scents or toxic chemicals in my home.

  2. Hi! I’d use Free and Clear because my son (now 8 months) was born 12 weeks premature and we’re always looking for ways to keep our house clean and chemical-free to protect his immune system.

  3. I love Seventh Generation! I have used a few of their products, most notably the Multi-Surface Cleaner. I would use this starter kit because I have sensitive skin, as well as my 2 boys. I already use free & clear laundry products, but I am always looking for ways to go chemical-free.

  4. i would love this because i have three children ages 7, 3 and 7 mos. and this old house of ours is constantly dusty and yucky because we live by two steel mills. and we have animals!!! im always looking to try new cleaners too. i would use this like it was goin outta style lol.

  5. I would love to use these products as we have a one year old at home, and a little one on the way!

    Great Giveaway!

    Thank you!

  6. i’ve never tried 7th generation, but we’re allergic to everything and i’m growing more and more concerned about the chemicals i use to clean! i’d love a chance to try everything!

  7. I love using organic and natural products!^_^
    My grandson 20 months old on the 28th and his mom are going to be living with us for a few months while her Army husband has to go to a special school for more training.I want to use products that I know will be safe for him.Seventh Generation is one of the brands I trust to be safe and the products really work! 🙂

  8. I would use Seventh Generation Free and Clear in my home for my toddler. I want my home to be safe and also environmentally conscious and what my son uses to be safe and gentle as well.

  9. I’ve tried the Lavender dishwash detergent and it’s terrific. Seventh Generation products are kinder and gentler to our environment which is important and I like how they’re so economical, a little bit goes a long way!

  10. I would use free and clear because both of my children have skin issues. I find that products like these help not to get break out and skin irritations.

  11. Love the idea of no perfume added, just essential oils (like thyme) in Free & Clear. Would love to win this, especially the Laundry detergent. Big thanks 4 this giveaway!

  12. Thanks so much for this giveaway! I would overjoyed to win a free and clear Seventh Generation cleaning products set, I use Seventh Generation products throughout my home partly due to wanting to be kind to the environment, but the biggest reason being my 10 year old daughter, who has sinus and skin allergies and cannot use scented products..our budget is horribly tight, but I search for coupons and still manage to buy Seventh Generation, which is very gentle and doesn’t bother her breathing, or make her break out in rash like so many products do today. Thanks again, glad to have found your blog! I already like Seventh Gen’s facebook page and left an entry there! 🙂

  13. I make an effort to be environmentally conscious and using Free and Clear by Seventh Generation would help me to stay on that path. Thanks for the contest!

  14. I have never tried this brand but I would love to try it as we are trying to be more conscious of the products we use & what they do to our planet

  15. I would use the Seventh Generation free and clear because my 6 week old daughter and I are allergic to fabric softeners. Also, I would love to give the detergent a try with our cloth diapers. Ever since she was born we have also been on a quest to get rid of all of the chemical filled cleaners in the house.

  16. i would use free and clear in my home because we always have toddlers in the house and we just got a new puppy, so i am always hesitant to clean when they are around.


  17. i would use free and clear b/c i have 2 little ones under the age of 2 and don’t want to expose them to harsh chemicals and irritate their delicate skin. I liked seventh generation on facebook and suscribed to your blog

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