Teach your kids that they “Kandoo” it with Pampers Kandoo!

If you teach your kids they can-do it, then let them use Pampers Kandoo. Pampers Kandoo is a unique kids line targeted for kids from toddler on up. They sell products such as flushable wipes to soaps to shampoo. Their Kandoo line is for kids who are learning how to potty train or are already using the potty on their own.

With the flushable wipes, you don’t have to worry about your kids (or yourself) getting dirty hands when they are just learning how to wipe themselves. The wipes dissolve quickly and are safe for sewer and septic systems. They are small in size and best of all – they are pre-moistened with lotion so it won’t hurt your little one’s behind like some toilet paper might.

The products are fun to use and fun to look at with an adorable little frog on the package design. You can also use the flushable wipes at public restrooms too and even use them instead of your regular diaper wipes.

Look for a $1.00 off coupon on all Pampers Kandoo products in this Sunday’s (9/26) newspaper inside the P&G’s Brandsaver insert.

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