Healthy Child, Healthy World

I love hearing that soft “clunk” on my door step. It usually means a package that I’ve been waiting for or a nice surprise has landed. Yesterday my son and I heard the familiar clunk at the front door. With excitement, we both shouted, “Yay, mommy’s got a package”, and my son eager to open the front door before me, ran to grab his Buzz Lightyear sandals so he  can go outside.

With a quick glance at who the package was from, I set the heavy box on the floor ready to tear it open. With my son hopping up and down with anticipation next to me, I slid open the lid and was very pleasantly surprised. It was the package I’ve been waiting for quite some time now and even after a few emails to the company, I finally received it. It was my Healthy Home Party Kit, part of the Healthy Baby Home Party sponsored by Healthy Child Healthy World.

I must say, I was indeed pleasantly surprised at all the great stuff that I got. I was expecting maybe a few samples here and there and maybe some pamphlets, but I got more than that. I can only imagine what others received in the bigger Healthy Baby Home party kit. Here is a breakdown of what was in my party kit:

Mohawk cleaning samples and floor sample

Revolution Foods sample and coupons

Clif Kids Organic Twisted Fruit samples

Earth Friendly Products – Randomness of Six sample and coupons

Say Yes to Baby Carrots bubble bath

Klean Kanteen

Cleanwell hand sanitizing wipes and coupons

Organic Valley coupons

Seventh Generation samples and coupons

Earthbound Farm coupons

Dapple wipes

Eat Clean Veggie wipes sample

Soy Socks

Luna coupons

And a whole slew of informative materials and guides to help your family provide a healthy and toxic-free environment. 

Healthy Child Healthy World ( is a non-profit organization dedicated in educating and supporting the public about eating healthy and staying healthy without the use of toxic chemicals in our homes. Children do not inherently know what is good for them and what is bad. That’s why it’s up to the parents to teach their children the importance of eating healthy and living a healthy lifestyle. Children’s bodies are more vulnerable to toxic chemicals since their little bodies are still developing. But if you take an early start in giving them healthy and nutritious meal choices and using non-toxic products at home, then those little bodies will most likely grow up to be healthy big bodies and are less susceptible to certain diseases and illnesses in the future.

I plan on using my kit for a little “party” in the near future. I know some of my friends and family are still on the fence about going the non-toxic/organic/all-natural route and that’s okay because most of them do not have the time or the resources to go on that route. But we all live on this planet and we have to think not only about the present but about our future generations as well.

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